The Things I Want To Remember

(Photo credit: Jenna Woodward Photography

Arriving at our venue on Thursday and seeing the garden in full bloom for the first time.

All of our guests arriving one by one and me feeling more and more excited with every new face.

Eating fish and chips with all of my family on Thursday evening and singing happy birthday to my sister.

Watching the marquee come to life and putting out all of the little bits and pieces I’ve been working on for months.

Seeing my best friend Steph for the first time in nearly a year and crying my eyes out – I’m so glad she was there.

Laughing our heads off through the rehearsal at the church – it was one of my favourite moments of the whole weekend.

Sam testing the DJ equipment on Friday afternoon and everyone who was helping stopping to have a dance to Prince.

Kissing Sam goodbye and knowing that the next time I saw him would be at the altar.

Sleeping in the same bed as my sister and waking up on the hour, every hour, to see if it was time to get up yet.

Enjoying a long hot bath on Saturday morning and using all the goodies I’d been saving for weeks.

Setting up the last little bits in the marquee with my family and feeling so proud about how gorgeous it looked.

My Mum reading the poem she had written to me in her room and us both getting very emotional.

Having the best time ever getting ready with my bridesmaids and glam squad – turns out singing along to Beyonce and Mariah while sipping prosecco and getting pampered is just the best.

Everybody crying when they came in to see me in my dress, especially my Dad who isn’t usually the emotional type.

My talented cousin bringing our bouquets up to my room and us all being totally blown away by how gorgeous they were.

Speaking to my Nan on the phone while my Dad and I waited to head to the church.

The vicar telling me I was very punctual when I arrived – I was so excited to see Sam that I just couldn’t wait!

My little cousin, Hudson, high fiving me and all my bridesmaids on the way into the church.

Seeing so many beaming faces looking at me as I walked down the aisle and feeling totally overwhelmed with love.

Sam leaning in to tell me I looked gorgeous just as the service was beginning.

Watching my friend, Laura, crouched down with the hymn sheet so that my little cousins could read it.

The vicar giving the most lovely speech about spreading good news and love and joy in a world filled with bad news.

Darcey and Honey reading a poem out in the church and Darcey whispering the words to Honey whenever she faltered.

Sam gripping my hand tightly while both of our Mum’s made beautiful readings.

Smiling so hard when we both said our vows that my cheeks actually hurt.

Looking around at the church while we sang our second hymn and thinking – “wow, we’re married!”

Walking out of the church to “Here Comes The Sun” and being greeted with gorgeous sunshine after a grey morning.

Getting more hugs than I’ve ever had in my whole life as everyone mingled on the lawn.

Heading off to Penmon Point for photos and receiving well wishes from lots of pleasant strangers.

Trying to keep my veil under control in the sea breeze.

Taking selfies on the beach with blue skies and the lighthouse in the background.

Arriving back at the reception venue and our dog, Ted, running out to meet us.

Being showered in confetti and the kids handing me lucky horseshoes and love spoons.

Seeing the palm trees and blue skies in the courtyard and feeling very happy that the weather decided to play ball.

Having a moment with Sam while we waited for my friend, Fiona, to announce us into the marquee.

Everyone whooping and cheering (and Sam fist pumping!) as we took our seats.

The food being totally delicious – we were feeling very happy with our choices!

Laughing and crying through all of the speeches – everyone did such an amazing job.

Looking around and feeling so much love as I made my own speech.

The impromptu toast from my friend, Fiona, which everybody loved.

Cutting our totally fabulous wedding cake that was so lovingly made by my Dad.

Drinking daiquiris and margaritas all night long – our bar team were SO good!

My cousins, Darcey and Honey, being totally blown away by my friends Instax camera and thinking it was the most magical thing ever.

Asking Sam to call everyone else up during out first dance and him saying “just 20 more seconds me and you”.

Stevie Wonder playing straight after our first dance and the dance floor being totally full.

Sam’s cousin wearing every single prop out of the photo booth at once and looking far too cute.

Sitting on the picnic benches in the garden while everyone ate pizza and mingled.

Everyone absolutely loving the silent disco – definitely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!

My little cousin fast asleep on his Dad’s shoulders while we all danced the night away.

Waking up with my new husband and feeling like the luckiest girl alive.

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  • Oooh Sophie this made me well up with aaaall the feels. Sounds like the most magical day. I can’t even imagine how bladdy amazing it must feel! Hope your NYC packing is going well hehe! Immy x

  • Definitely did not just cry reading this…! Your day looked incredible Sophie – couldn’t help but follow it over Facebook/Insta over the weekend and I felt like some mad woman liking every photo you put on! Congratulations to you both – you looked absolutely stunning. Have the best time in NYC! xxx

  • Chloe

    Sophie this genuinely gave me the most intense goosebumps! It sounds like you had the most magical day, congratulations to you and Sam. You seem like such a gorgeous couple! Have a great time in NYC! xx

  • Maybe I’m just hormonal, but I’m having a little cry at this – it’s so beautiful! It sounds like the most perfect day with so many personal little touches. Be sure to look back on this post in a year’s time – it’ll bring it all flooding back again! xxx

  • Oh Sophie this gave me goosebumps girl! Sounds like you had the BEST day ever, how amazing xxxx

  • Oh Sophie, this brought a tear to my eye! It sounds like you’ve had such an amazing weekend and all these little details will be so lovely to look back on in the future. Have an amazing time with your HUSBAND (!) and so many congratulations to you both!

  • Amy

    Congratulations Sophie! This list is beautiful and such a great idea – we just had our five year anniversary and those little memories aren’t as clear anymore. I’d love to have something like this to look back on! Hope you have a fab honeymoon!

  • This is gorgeous and I’m not trying to hide my tears sat at my desk at work. Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon!

    Francesca Andrews

  • Emma Farley

    I got all of the goosebumps reading this <3

  • Jade Ingham-Mulliner

    Congratulations Sophie, this is beautiful I welled up just reading it, thank you for sharing so many little snippets that made your day so lovely. So so happy for you both it sounds like a magical day and you have def married a keeper. Have a fabulous honey moon! Jade

  • This is such a gorgeous post and one that you’ll be able to look back on in years to come to relieve the day all over again!

    I’m so happy you had the most amazing day, have an incredible time in New York!

    Jess x
    Jess Who

  • I got all teary reading this, it just sounds like the most perfect day and you both deserve it so much!! Alice xxx

  • So special. What a precious day to hold on to always xxxxx the little things are definitely the big things xxx

    Keep Calm and start writing –

  • Sorry to repeat what everyone else is saying, but this made me well up at my desk. So, so beautiful and what a great idea to write it all down, thanks so much for sharing it with us all! Sounds like you had the most amazing day, I’m so glad xxx

  • I have tears in my eyes, damn you Sophie! This is so beautiful and it sounds like you had the most fabulous day xx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Oh my christ is someone cutting onions?! Haha. Oh you beautiful, beautiful lady – this is the most heart felt and lovely post EVER, I’m honestly so happy that your day was truly perfect and reading this felt like I was there with you! You looked absolutely stunning and I hope you have the BEST honeymoon with your hubby! <3

    Hayley xo

  • Cate Cruse

    This is BEAUTIFUL, Sophie, absolutely wonderful. This is absolutely how I felt about my own wedding day and the feeling never leaves you – nearly two years down the line I still look back on those little moments and smile. I’m so glad you had the best time ever. All the love in the world xxx

  • Aah congratulations Sophie! This is the sweetest post, I got all excited for you reading it 🙂 sounds like you had the absolute best day and the photos you’ve shared so far are GORGEOUS! Hope you’re enjoying married life! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua

  • So many feels. These are the tiny little moments that could fade into one beautiful big fuzzy memory-good shout on getting them down to enjoy time and time again! And one last time CONGRATULATIONS!!! Xx

  • This is such a lovely, lovely post. I feel so emotional reading it! Congratulations to both of you!

    Lynnsay x

  • Such a beautiful post <3 I am engaged, getting married next year in July and this gave me all the feels.

    The Lisa’s World