10 favourites this week (#136)

Happy Monday everyone! How are you all today? I’m feeling pretty chipper, because despite spending quite a bit of the weekend being ill, I had a bloody lovely week!

I feel like autumn is off to a good start already, and with lots of exciting plans in the diary it’s only going to get better.

Here are my 10 favourites this week…

1) Booking a little trip to Edinburgh

Sam and I have been wanting to go to Edinburgh together for ages, and this week we finally booked a little trip! We’ll be visiting for my birthday in November and I can’t wait to explore the city – it’s been years since I was last there. Plus, the Christmas markets will have started and I’ve heard that they’re pretty special…

2) Lots of yummy home cooked meals

I feel like I always find my cooking bug at this time of year and I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week whipping up yummy homemade meals. My favourites have been sweet potato topped cottage pie, a chicken tikka masala cooked from scratch and a very delicious lamb hotpot. Let me know if you want me to share any recipes!

3) Getting back into running

Something that you probably don’t know about me is that I used to run – a lot. In fact, I’ve ran two marathons! That seems almost impossible to me know as it’s been years since I’ve been in any sort of running routine, but this week I’ve been easing myself back in with the Couch to 5K podcast. My aim is to be running 10k by the end of 2017 – watch this space.

4) The return of Doctor Foster

I absolutely LOVED the first series of Doctor Foster, so I was super excited when I realised that it was back on the telly this week and the first episode definitely didn’t disappoint. It was so tense that I don’t think I took a proper breath for the whole hour it was on – bring on the rest of the series!

5) Planning some house renovations

Now that the wedding is out of the way we’ve finally got the head space to start thinking about finishing doing our house up again. Some of you might remember that we managed to get the bedrooms and living room sorted last year but we still have the kitchen and bathroom to do. I’ve had lots of fun this week pinning ideas and costing things up – I can’t wait to get it looking lovely.

6) A lovely team lunch

Is there any better way to ease into the weekend than with a cheeky little team lunch? I think not. On Friday my colleagues and I headed to Trinity Kitchen for some yummy food – it was the first time I’ve been there in ages and I was absolutely spoilt for choice. It was lovely to have time to catch up with everyone outside of the office too.

7) Getting looked after by my Mum

As I mentioned in my intro, I spent pretty much all of Saturday feeling grim as I battled some sort of gross food poisoning/stomach bug yuckiness. It was bloody horrid, but thankfully I was at home so at least I could be looked after by my Mum who made me plenty of peppermint tea and even tucked me in for a nap. Yes I’m 27, but I was ill, don’t judge.

8) Having my hair cut

I’ve been saying for ages that once the wedding was done I’d get my hair chopped and this weekend I finally took the plunge! My cousin cut about 8 inches of hair off and my do is currently the shortest it’s been since I was a kid. It was pretty scary but I LOVE IT. I feel more me than I have done in ages and my hair feels super bouncy and healthy too.

9) A night in with my favourite people

After spending Saturday feeling so crap, there was only one way I wanted to spend the evening and that was on the sofa with my favourite people. My mum, sister, cousin and I all put our PJs on and settled in for a night of Strictly and X Factor whilst also having a good chin wag – it was brill.

10) A cosy Sunday at home

In my opinion, the best thing about autumn weekends is the cosy Sundays spent at home. We pottered around the house yesterday sorting and cleaning before making a yummy dinner and spending the rest of the night in front of the telly. It was simple and lovely and made me feel content in the best possible way.

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  • Ellie

    Great post as always 🙂

    I love Edinburgh! Such a lovely city to visit at Christmas! xx

    Ellie xx

  • Sounds like a lovely week Sophie, I hope you are feeling better! I saw your new hair on Instagram it looks amazing! I love having my hair cut short for Autumn/ Winter! Edinburgh is so lovely in winter too! 100% want recipes up, I love winter food, I still think of how good that Ham and lentil soup sounded a few weeks back!

    • Oooooh yes, I need to get a recipe up for that! x

  • Wow to the marathon running Sophie – that’s incredible! I have never even ran 1k in my life… I am no runner!
    Autumn I feel has landed, but that’s OK, all the hygge is starting!
    HOpe you’re feeling better xxx
    Holly xxx ///

  • I love your hair chop! It looks brilliant! x

  • Edinburgh is so lovely, and I can imagine it being even more special around Christmas time, I’m definitely tempted to go back nearer the Christmas period! Hope you’re feeling better soon! xx

    • I can’t wait – I’ve been plotting and planning already! x

  • Your hair is looking amazingggg! Hope you feel better soon Sophie, the sickness bug sounds rubbish…although being looked after by your mum (no judgement here) and the night in with TV and chats sounds lovely xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Thanks lovely – Mum’s are the best aren’t they?! x

  • Sorry to hear you’ve not been well – hope you’re feeling back to normal now. Looking forward to hearing all about your house renovations x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • I can’t wait to share some interiors content again! X

  • I love your new shorter hair, it really suits you. Did you watch the Great North Run on TV yesterday? You should sign up and do it next year then you can visit Newcastle at the same time!

    • I would LOVE to do the Great North Run – I need to enter the ballot! x

  • Laura Emilia

    Ahh I bet Edinburgh is GORGEOUS during Christmas time! I’ve only been in the summer, but can just imagine all those lovely markets and little historic streets at Christmas time.. xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • I can’t wait – I think it will be super festive 🙂 X

  • Glasses Girl

    Loved this update! I was in Trinity Kitchen for lunch on Friday too – I headed to Pizza Luxe to try and cure my work hangover. I’m heading to Edinburgh later this week too, so excited!

    • Ooooh I’ve never tried Pizza Luxe, is it good? x

  • Oh Sophie I love these posts, I hope you’re feeling much better now. You’re never too old to be tucked up by your mum and looked after, it’s the loveliest feeling ever!! Home renovations sound exciting and well done on getting back into running!!
    Peta xx

    • Thanks Peta, I feel lots better now thank you 🙂 X