September Round Up & October Goals

september round up october goals

Is it just me, or does it feel like I was just telling you all about my September goals a couple of days ago?! This month has flown by in the blink of an eye and it’s been filled with plenty of fun and memory making with some of my favourite people.

With the exciting plans I’ve got in the diary, I’ve got a feeling that October is going to be even better. Here’s my September round up and October goals…

September Round Up

Enjoying all the yummy grub at Eat North.

Pottering around our house and making things cosy.

Watching Doctor Foster and loving every episode.

Planning our honeymoon West Coast road trip.

Getting 8 inches of hair chopped off and feeling like a new woman.

Secretly loving all of the grey, rainy weather.

Reading Sweetbitter and devouring every word.

Admiring a beautiful sunrise in London.

Adventuring around North Wales in the sunshine.

Singing along to The National at their gig in Manchester.

Drinking our way around the Northern Quarter.

Hanging out with some of my favourite blogging ladies.

Laughing at our mischievous little kitten, Lola.

Cooking plenty of autumnal comfort food – yum.

Booking a birthday trip to Edinburgh in November.

Working with some of my favourite ever brands.

Celebrating 3 months of marriage – time flies!

Feeling more inspired than ever about this little space.

October Goals

Embrace the season

I feel like I was a little bit cheated out of enjoying autumn last year because of our personal circumstances, so this year I’m determined to fully embrace this season! I’m planning walks through crunchy leaves, plenty of delicious seasonal meals and wearing my epic knitwear collection on rotation. I’d also like to produce more seasonal content this year, so watch this space!

Get more organised

There’s no denying that I’m a much happier and more productive person when I’m feeling organised, so this month I’m determined to get on top of all of my blog and life admin. I feel like I made a good start on this in September with an epic house clear out, but in October I want to get on top of all those niggly little jobs, like tax returns and filing. It’s not very glamorous, but I know my brain will feel more focussed as a result.

Crack on with our house renovation

I feel like this time of year is perfect for nesting – it probably has something to do with spending lots more time at home hibernating from the cold! This month Sam and I are determined to make a real dent in our house renovation work – we’ve dedicated next weekend to finishing all the little jobs in our living room and we’ve also got an appointment at Ikea to go and talk all things kitchen. I’m so excited!

What have you been up to in September? What have you got planned this week?

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  • I’m very jealous of your second honeymoon. What a lucky lady you are! Doctor Foster is the best – I can’t wait to see how it ends! x

  • Autumn is such a great time to get organised – a bit of a lovely lull between sociable summer and busy Christmas! I’m really looking forward to cooking more this season too! As much as I loved wedding planning, I’m also enjoying having SO much more free time to do just potter at home now. Are you finding the same?

    • Absolutely – I spent this weekend doing all the stuff we’ve been putting off at home and it was LOVELY x

  • Amy Eade

    Oooh I hope you’re going to do a post about your kitchen? We’ve just done ours and it was all from IKEA and we fitted it all ourselves so let me know if you want any tips!
    Amy xx

    • You are so brave – I don’t think we could manage it ourselves! x

  • Laura Emilia

    Ooh IKEA appointment sounds exciting! Whenever I go I always admire their kitchens – they’re so snazzy and shiny! Can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂 xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • It sounds like we are on the same wavelength this month a bit Sophie – I’m reeeally going to try to get myself organised as well and am feeling so pumped for cosy jumpers and cooking up comfort foods. West Coast road trip is very very exciting! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  • Oooo Sophie great month and great goals!
    Re your Ikea kitchen – yay! It was the part of our house work that felt the most stressfree BUT please can I offer some advice which they didn’t tell us until I’d spent a day of my life wasting – ask them maybe if it’s an option, though I don’t know where you’re up to.
    They offer a 0% finance over x amount of time, don’t know if you’re doing that, but well worth it as it’s 0% – and on this you can also include Ikea fitters to do the work… We chose this option, as they say you can use your own fitters, but the Ikea ones know how to quickly fit Ikea kitchens (which are a little different that usual ones in the fittings). Anyway, if you’re going down this route take advantage of them coming out to measure and design FOR YOU!
    They advertise the fact you can design yourself at home, measure up, and then use their kitchen fitting tool online – I did a masters degree in engineering – I know how to measure – but I still found this a little trickly mostly in part due to our VERY characterful old kitchen with lots of nooks in it. Anyway, if you do this and then proceed to purchase, they’ll send someone out for free to check your measurements as they’ll be sending Ikea fitters and want to check your design… BUT if you ask for a measure and design service BEFORE ordering, it’ll cost £50 (that was only a few years ago so surely not changed too much), but for that £50 you will not use/lose a day of your life measuring, and learning the ikea kitchen tool – and you’ll likely get a much better design (we did – as the guy knew what could be done properly and on the side!)
    Sorry for the essay, but basically they didn’t tell us this at first, I spent a weekend designing, went to store as was having trouble with certain areas, they mentioned the £50 service, and I jumped at abetter design solution and the man who did ours was ace!
    If you have any other Ikea kitchen questions fire away – I’m so pleased with ours!

    • This is such an amazing tip – our kitchen is a really awkward shape so we have booked someone to come out and measure up and help us design it next week. Thanks Holly! X

      • I’m so pleased can be of any help. Losing a day designing, when you can get an expert to do it at a very cheap rate, is well worth it! Enjoy!
        I am still so pleased with our kitchen, we have a weird awkward alcove that they used some extra worktop to fit shelves in.