You’re Perfect Just As You Are

you're perfect just as you are

For lots of people, January 2nd marks the first day of the new year’s resolutions. The first day of the diet or the savings plan or the vow to exercise at least 3 times a week.

The shops are awash with gym gear and it feels like every other advert on the telly is about a diet plan or an exercise DVD. Everyone in the office is asking what your new year’s resolution is and that box of Celebrations that you were digging through last week is suddenly deemed “indulgent”.

The party season is well and truly over and suddenly it feels like you have to scrutinise every single part of yourself, highlighting your flaws and making plans to change them. You can’t even have a little scroll on Instagram without being confronted with green juices and gym selfies making you feel guilty about laying on the sofa in your PJs.

Well, do you know what? I call bullshit. I’m here to tell you that you’re absolutely perfect just as you are. You’re intelligent and funny and clever and lovely and you don’t need a new year’s resolution to change any aspect of yourself.

you're perfect just as you are If you feel like eating a bit more fruit and veg after a diet of carbs and cheese over Christmas, then that’s just fine, but don’t go starving yourself because you’re trying to achieve some unrealistic idea of body perfection that the media has sold to you.

If you want to save some money or set yourself some work goals because you know it’s the right thing for you, then do it. But don’t feel like you need to become a #GirlBoss overnight just because it seems like everyone on Instagram is.

January is a hard enough month as it is. The Christmas comedown is lingering, the weather is rank and it’s easy to feel lonely after spending December catching up with all of your favourite people. Don’t torture yourself by piling on a load of restrictive resolutions too.

Instead, make this the month of self care and rest and looking after yourself. Eat vegetables, but don’t beat yourself up about reaching for some comfort food too. Get out for a walk or a run if you fancy it, but if the weather has you wanting to hibernate inside, then that’s okay too.

And always remember – the stuff you see on social media is only what people want you to see. It’s the curated image. Don’t feel like you need to change yourself or your life to conform to someone else’s highlight reel.

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  • Excellent words Sophie! Though January is an arbitrary date, I love it as a clean slate to start some new habits in earnest. My list is definitely not about cutting stuff as opposed to adding some things to my life!
    I too am very excited for this week, enjoy yours!

    • Yes – I’m all for resolutions that add something to your life! x

  • It’s so easy to get sucked into all the ‘new year, new me’ mantras. This was a breath of fresh air and definitely something for me to remember today!
    Francesca Andrews

  • I love this Sophie! It is the perfect reminder to look after yourself in January!

    Abi | abistreetx

  • Yesyes yessssssssss Sophie. This is exactly the tonic I need today – there is a helluva lot of pressure on this time of year (this day especially!) a month of self love rather than hate is exactly what we all need. Immy x

    • I hope you’ve been enjoying lots of self love Immy 🙂 x

  • Amen Sophie! x

  • Perfect post Sophie, thank you!
    Abi xx

  • Sabine Skarratt

    Too true Sophie, great post ❤️xx

  • Here here I’m all about this post today! We are going to spend January focusing on spending time together on our own (Christmas was a wonderful hectic buzz of so many visitors), completing some projects that are long overdue and spending more time asleep, freshening up the house for the spring, eating seasonal veggies and getting through everything in the freezer, and drinking far more water than alcohol (both to refresh our livers and to save some pennies!) Alice xxx

    • That sounds like the perfect way to spend January! x

  • This is a great post! While I did make some new year’s resolutions, and while I already was trying to get fit starting in November, I do think that society shouldn’t put so much pressure on us to get fit! If you want to, then great, but if not you shouldn’t feel bad about it! This was such a cute post, and a great reminder to start the new year! Happy new year! xxx

    Melina |

  • Amy Eade

    Sophie I needed this so much! I’ve got a kind of similar post going up tomorrow but it’s more a beating myself up kind that lifting others up and you’ve done just that and it’s exactly what I needed to hear amongst all the resolutions and goals posts!
    Thank you xx

  • Sophie Gee

    Absolutely love this post! All so true!
    Everyone puts so much pressure on themselves at the beginning of a new year xx

  • Couldn’t agree more!! I’m very much ‘new year, same me’!

  • Here, Here!

    For once I didn’t vow to miraculously cleanup my diet in a week or lose x number of pounds before my birthday this year, instead I made a promise to myself that I would be a little more active during the first week of the year. Promising to make a small step towards a long-term goal worked so much better and I didn’t feel guilty for spending Friday night on the sofa binge watching Chance!!!

    Emma |

    • That’s a much healthier way to approach the new year! x