7 Fun Things To Do In January

fun things to do in january

Happy Friday, everyone! That dreaded first week back at work is out of the way and we’re just hours away from the weekend and being reunited with our pyjamas again. Can I get a HELL YEAH?

Anyway, today I thought I’d share a little dose of positivity with you all and talk about some fun things to do in January. I feel like this month gets a very undeserved bad rep and I want to change that – I actually really love having a calmer diary and plenty of time to crack on with fun stuff.

If you’re also determined to make the most of this month, here’s my list of 7 fun things to do in January…

fun things to do in january1) Plan something fun for the year ahead

I feel like January is very much a planning month! I love nothing more than thinking about all of the fun stuff I want to cram into the next 12 months, and having something to look forward to definitely makes those cold, dark evenings that little bit easier. Why not start researching your summer holiday or make plans to spend a weekend visiting a friend?

2) Fill out your diary

Once you’ve got a couple of fun things planned, spend an afternoon writing them all down in a diary. If like me, you’re a total stationery fiend, this will bring you hours of fun, and even if you’re not Paperchase’s number 1 fan, having everything written down will make you feel super organised and on it.

3) Spend some time outdoors

As I sit here writing this it’s currently absolutely pouring with rain and the idea of going outside isn’t that appealing, but I stand by the fact that spending some time outdoors in January is well worth it. Wait for one of those glorious blue sky winter days, pull on your wellies and head out for a big old country walk. The exercise will make you feel good, and spending a bit of time in nature always works wonders for the mind.

4) Start a journal

In our ever more digital age, there’s still little that beats the joy of actually writing things down in a notebook. It’s a great way of processing emotions and feelings, or just simply keeping a physical record of everything you’ve been up to. Commit to jotting something down every single day and then enjoy reading it all back at the end of the month.

5) Try a new recipe

One of the best things about January for a lot of people is being able to spend more time at home, and my favourite way to make the most of that is by cooking more regularly. If you’re in a bit of a cooking rut, why not dedicate this month to trying out some new recipes? It’s a fun challenge and you get to eat yummy food at the end of it – what’s not to love?!

6) Catch up on some reading

Most of you know that I am an absolute bookworm, so one of my favourite fun things to do in January is hole up with a good book. Make yourself a hot drink, wrap up in a blanket on the sofa and get totally lost in another world – I promise that it will do you a ridiculous amount of good.

7) Spread a little love

Last but by no means least is probably one of the most fun ways to make January a bit better, and that’s by spreading some love! Share someone else’s work, leave a nice Instagram comment, tell a colleague that they’re doing a really good job. It doesn’t cost a single penny and will have you feeling warm and glowy right through the month.

There you have it – 7 fun things to do in January. Let me know if you get up to any of them this weekend! 

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  • reading always always ALWAYS does wonders for my soul. i swear there is nothing more therapeutic than a cup of tea, a blanket, and a good book. what’ve you been reading recently that you could recommend? im reading ‘this is how it always is’ by laurie frankel and would recommend, its a really heartwarming novel! and beautifully written, too.

    katie. xx

    • I’m definitely going to add that book to my wish list! Thanks for the recommendation Katie! xxx

      Melina |

    • I’m currently reading The Guilty Wife by Lauren Croft and it’s so good! x

  • I fully plan on doing all the above! x

  • Great ideas! Thanks so much for the inspiration to make January an awesome month!

    Kate |

    • No problem Kate, I hope you have a brilliant January 🙂 x

  • Amy Eade

    I’ve been feeling a bleurgh so far this month, but have just started planning our honeymoon today which is so exciting so now I’m in the BEST mood! I’m also trying to walk to and from work as much as possible to get some fresh air as I find that really does perk me up (even if it’s raining!)
    Amy xx

    • Oooooh, where are you going on honeymoon? x

      • Amy Eade

        We were thinking New York via Iceland but we’re now thinking Canada via Iceland! xx

  • I am literally with you! This past week I spent it reading and organizing my bullet journal for the month! This cold weather is the perfect excuse for both of these. Great post Sophie xxx

    Melina |

  • The most exciting thing I’ll plan this year will be my wedding & honeymoon. Can’t wait!!

    The Lisa’s World

    • Ohhhh, so exciting! I hope you enjoy every minute 🙂 x

  • Sophie Gee

    I love everyone of these! I’m definitely looking forward to catching up on reading and cooking through Jan as I’m planning to spend pretty much the whole month at home 🙂 xx

    • You really can’t beat a bit of downtime at home 🙂 x

  • Aww I love January so much! It’s probably one of my favourite months – so I’m with you in making January AMAZING this year! I love these ideas, thankyou for sharing them with us xx

    • No problem Claire, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! x

  • I love this Sophie! I’ve been looking at things to plan for throughout the year and will be getting a holiday booked in next week, can’t agree more than Jan is a planning month and I have my new diary ready to fill

    Abi | abistreetx

  • No 4 is defo the way forward…! Fran x

  • I’ve ticked off lots of these so far! Tried a delicious new curry last night, have been filling in my sentence a day diary each day, spent all day outside yesterday and then have also been Catching up on sleep! We have had so many visitors the last couple of months I’m determined to make January and February quiet! Also Sophie, to spread a little love I will say that throughout 2017 you absolutely killed it with content, you’re such an inspiration!! Alice xxxx

    • Thank you so much Alice, that really means a lot to me 🙂 X