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    Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas

    So, after a busy old year and a hell of a lot of content created (215 posts in fact!), I’m signing off until 2018. I’ve ummed and ahhed about taking a little break over the festive period, but with a jam packed diary full of commitments over the next couple of weeks (including the small task of starting a new job…) I’ve decided that it’s probably best for me to log out of WordPress until the new year. I think…

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  • What She Really Wants For Christmas

    What She Really Wants For Christmas

    So, I wasn’t planning to put any Christmas gift guides together this year. The internet has been awash with them the last couple of weeks and I know lots of people…

  • things that make december the best

    21 Things That Make December The Best

    1) Getting up every morning and creeping downstairs to turn the lights on the Christmas tree on. Is there anything more festive?! 2) The fact that it’s socially acceptable to wear…

  • our christmas traditions

    Our Christmas Traditions

    It’s no secret around here that I bloody love Christmas. I love the food, the festive cheer and the sparkly fairy lights, but most of all, I love the traditions. There’s…

  • christmas decorations

    Our New Christmas Decorations For 2017

    One of my favourite things to do every Christmas is pick out a couple of new decorations with Sam that mark the special moments from the past 12 months. We’ve built…