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    Healthy Habits I’m Trying To Adopt This Autumn

    healthy habits

    The start of any new season is always a great time to make some healthy changes, and autumn is no different. I love that at this time of year, there’s still enough time to make a big difference before Christmas rolls around and I’m definitely motivated by the thought of having made a big head start on all the typical January resolutions! Today I thought I’d let you in on all of the healthy habits I’m trying to form this…

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  • seven seas trueage

    Living My #TRUEAGE with Seven Seas

    My god it’s been a while since I’ve had a health post up on here, hasn’t it?! In all honesty, it’s because I feel like I’ve actually been a pretty good…

  • green juice

    IBS and Reprioritising My Health

    It’s been a long time since we’ve had a little health update around these parts, hasn’t it? The reason for that is that there hasn’t really been anything interesting to report. Some of…

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    Why I’m obsessed with my Fitbit Alta

    I haven’t done any health or fitness posts for a little while, have I? In the interest of honesty, it’s because neither topic has been at the forefront of my mind…

  • my relationship with exercise

    My relationship with exercise

    My relationship with exercise is quite a turbulent one. I’m either fully devoted, with no eyes for anyone else, or I’m completely uninterested. Like no thanks, not today, nada. I have…

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    RECIPE: Manuka Honey Smoothie

    You guys all know that I’m a big fan of my green juices and smoothies – I have one pretty much every day, and as much as I love them I…