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    10 favourites this week (#127)

    10 favourites this week

    Happy Monday people! I’m in an exceptionally good mood today because it’s finally WEDDING WEEK! After nearly 18 months of planning, I can’t quite believe that it’s almost time for us to get married. It’s going to be such an exciting week – I’ve just got one day in the office and two days in London to battle through first and then the fun can really begin. But anyway, I should probably crack on with telling you about last week’s faves,…

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  • let's talk about success

    Let’s Talk About Success

    When you hear the word success, what springs to mind for you? Is it big houses and fancy cars? Is it someone who is at the top of their game professionally?…

  • 10 favourites this week

    10 favourites this week (#126)

    Happy Monday everyone! Long time no speak, huh? Sorry it’s been a bit radio silence around here since my post last Wednesday. I was determined to keep on top of this…

  • rekorderlig cider lagom

    Learning The Art of Balance and Contentment

    My life is busy at the moment. Very busy. Between running this blog, holding down a demanding full time job and planning a wedding, pretty much every minute of every week…

  • Life

    10 favourites this week (#125)

    I feel like it would be really wrong of me to start this week’s favourites post without acknowledging the awful events that happened in London this weekend. Attacks like this and…

  • york minster

    On Not Living For The Weekend

    I’ve never been someone who has spent my whole life living for the weekend. I always try to make the most of everyday, whether it’s a busy Monday or an exciting…

  • IMG_8368

    May Round Up & June Goals

    Okay, so where the bloody hell did May disappear to? It feels like I was just sat here writing my May goals two minutes ago and now, whaddya know, it’s June…