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    5 Things Not To Say To Someone Who Is Grieving

    what not to say to someone who is grieving

    Grief. It’s such a strange emotion. I think we all believe we have an idea of how it must feel from portrayals in movies and books, but in reality I don’t think we can understand the complexities of grief until we’ve been through it ourselves. I have been constantly surprised this year about how grief has made me feel. I’ve experienced emotions that have been totally new and alien to me, and have been frustrated by how up and down…

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  • 10 favourites this week

    10 favourites this week (#133)

    Happppyyyyy Monday, everyone! I’m feeling particularly happy today because I’ve got the day off work! It was Sam’s 30th birthday yesterday, so we’re currently in the Lake District enjoying a bit…

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    10 favourites this week (#132)

    Happyyyyy Monday, y’all! I’m feeling exceptionally chipper considering it’s a Monday – I think it’s a combination of having had a lovely weekend and knowing that my holiday is now only…

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    10 favourites this week (#131)

    Happy Sunday everyone! I’m sharing my favourites a day early this week because tomorrow marks the start of Wedding Week on my blog, with a brand new wedding post going live…

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    July Round Up & August Goals

    July has been a funny old month. It’s brought me some really great highs (like bringing our little baby cat home!) but some pretty tough anxiety filled periods too. I think it’s important…

  • summer dressing anxieties

    Getting Over My Summer Dressing Anxieties

    Summer brings loads of great things with it. Gorgeous bright mornings, long days hanging out in the park, BBQs with friends, holidays in the sunshine. But the other thing it brings…

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    Recreating The Holiday Feeling At Home

    Ahhhh, the holiday feeling. Isn’t it just the best?! It’s hard to describe the feeling exactly, but I can confidently say that it’s up there with all my time faves. The…

  • Life

    10 favourites this week (#130)

    Happy Monday lovely people! This weekend has been a weird one for me as I had to work on Saturday – it’s been years and years since I’ve had to work…

  • some things i've learnt about grief

    Some Things I’ve Learnt About Grief

    I just want to start this post by caveating that I’m writing this post because so many people have emailed or messaged me to say that they have found my other…