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    5 Cities I’m Dying To Visit Again


    (Image source here) Where do you stand on returning to destinations you’ve already visited before? I know some people are firmly against it and prefer to tick more new places off their list, but I actually really like revisiting somewhere I’ve previously fallen in love with. I love being able to wander the streets with a sense of familiarity and it’s always great to hang out somewhere without feeling obliged to stick to the tourist trail and tick off all…

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  • new york bucket list
    Travel USA

    My New York Bucket List

    With all of the focus on getting everything ready for the wedding, I kinda keep forgetting that we’ll be jetting off to New York a few days after. Everytime I do…

  • new york on a budget
    Travel USA

    How To Visit New York On A Budget

    It’s no secret around here that I bloody love New York. It is my favourite place in the entire world, but it isn’t exactly the cheapest holiday destination going. Our trip next month…

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    Travel UK

    8 Super Fun Things To Do In London

    I go to London pretty regularly for work, but this year I’ve also managed to get down for a couple of very fun weekends with friends and Sam too. I really…

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    greece Travel

    3 Greek Islands To Visit This Summer

    With summer just around the corner, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time dreaming about sunny holidays. It always happens to me at this time of year – one minute I’m…