15 signs that you're a stationery addict


1) You nip into Paperchase to buy a card for your Mum and emerge 45 minutes later, having tried out all of the fancy pens and spent more than your weekly food budget on eco-friendly exercise books. 2) Your boyfriend buys you at least one notebook for every birthday/anniversary/Christmas and you are always THRILLED.

3) Your Amazon wishlist contains a new Moleskine, a Keel's Simple Diary and a new pack of Staedtler fine liners. Dreamy.

4) You have been known to match your notebook to your outfit (and feel a bit miffed when nobody notices).

5) Your revision notes at uni were like a work of art thanks to your impressive coloured gel pen and highlighter collection.

6) You spent all of your summer holiday pocket money honing your stationery collection ready for going back to school. Smelly gel pens, CHECK, oversized pencil case, CHECK, 32 different cute animal erasers, CHECK...

7) Most people struggle to justify their shoe collection. You struggle to justify the beautiful leather bound notebooks sat on your desk that you're not quite sure you have any use for.

8) You were mocked as a child by your siblings for shunning traditional Christmas requests (read dolls/bikes/playhouses) in place of some serious craft goodies from Santa. Oooooh shiny card, oooooh glitter glue, oooooh DIFFERENT COLOURED PRINTER PAPER.

9) You have at least one notebook reserved purely for lists. And a special pen for checking thing off your lovely lists.

10) January blues are eased every year by the arrival of a new calendar AND a new planner. Yes, you know you can do all that stuff on your iPhone now but its just not as fun, is it?

11) The stationery section in Muji is your own personal little Mecca.

12) New notebook days are like THE BEST days. Like almost as good as paydays and bank holidays.

13) You consider it a personal affront when people "borrow" your neon pink lined post it notes and replace them with the plain, dull, yellow post it notes.

14) You rise to the occasion when somebody has forgotten to bring a pen to the meeting. "Would you like a ballpoint or a fineliner? Red, black, blue or hot pink?"

15) You wouldn't be able to function at work without your neatly written post it note reminders that frame your computer screen.