25 things that happen when you turn 25

1012950_10152498358851700_5521260115883598475_n I turned 25 a month ago. I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in New York, where the cake, shopping and endless glasses of fizz very much softened the blow of entering my mid-twenties. It's quite the milestone turning 25 and I've been thinking a lot recently about things that happen when you pass that quarter of a century milestone. Here are 25 things that happen when you turn 25:

1) It's really true about that whole metabolism slowing down thing. Sob.

2) You will develop an unhealthy obsession with cushions, throws and candles.

3) You finally realise how cool, funny and interesting your parents are.

4) You have your signature make up look nailed. No more experimenting with dodgy feather eyelashes or coloured eyeshadows.

5) Staying out past midnight or having more than 3 glasses of vino will result in hell on earth the following day.

6) You now understand that anti-wrinkle cream is a very necessary thing rather than an overpriced fad.

7) You have finally grasped that your overdraft is not in fact free money and that spending more than you earn is not cool.

8) It will seem like everyone on your Facebook newsfeed is getting engaged/married or having babies.

9) You finally understand what clothes flatter your figure and make you feel amazing. And it's likely not to be those shiny, clingy disco pants.

10) Girls holidays will consist of culture seeking and tapas eating rather than matching neon t-shirts and sambucca shots. THANK GOD.

11) Thinking about university will give you the most overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

12) You have begrudingly come to terms with the fact that you will not be having another growth spurt. Goodbye dreams of waking up looking like Kendall Jenner/Taylor Swift.

13) You no longer need to take out a loan to pay for your car insurance. Woop.

14) You will realise that the best people in your life are the ones that make you feel GREAT about yourself.

15) You will also realise that you have nowhere near enough time to spend with those who don't.

16) It's highly unlikely that anyone will ever ask you what you got in your GCSEs or A-Levels (or even your degree) ever again.

17) You will instinctively trust your gut a lot more.

18) It is no longer possible to live on a diet of gin, McDonalds and crisps without your skin having a nervous breakdown.

19) You will be appalled when you realise that you would now be in the "overs" category if you entered The X Factor. Not that you can sing or have any ambition to be a popstar, but STILL.

20) You suddenly understand what your Mum meant when she complained about the music on the radio being "noise".

21) Sofa + red wine + Game of Thrones = PERFECTION.

22) You truly understand the power of building networks and the impact they can have on your career.

23) It makes your cringe to remember how much of a drama you used to make about daft things.

24) You will be able to follow a recipe without causing absolute chaos in your kitchen.

25) You will finally be accepting of who you are. You will come to accept your flaws and your weaknesses, but you will also embrace what makes you truly awesome and unique.