21 reasons why Christmas really IS the most wonderful time of year

10362950_10152518629001700_7650888907811280499_n I love Christmas. Like a ridiculous amount love Christmas. Here are a few of my favourite reasons why:

1) Mulled wine, yum.

2) Sparkly lights EVERYWHERE making life look so much prettier.

3) Buying loads of delightful candles that make your house smell amazing.

4) Hearing Christmas songs on the radio and feeling unnaturally giddy.

5) Buying pressies. How good is that feeling when you know you’ve absolutely nailed it?

6) Spending an entire Sunday watching Elf, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Carol back to back.

7) Family time!

8) Baileys. Why don’t we drink it all year round?!

9) Christmas dinner. Carbs, pigs in blankets, gravy... what a fine invention.

10) Festive cheer. There was a brass band at Kings Cross playing carols the other day and I SWEAR I saw at least ten men in suits smiling.

11) Receiving enough chocolate to last you until Easter and eating 50% of it in one sitting on Boxing Day.

12) Drinking fizz at every occasion - Christmas dos, of course, after work drinkies, why not, breakfast, go on then.

13) Getting new Christmas eve PJs. Can’t have Santa catching you in the mis-matched basics you wear all year round.

14) Very passionate games of Trivial Pursuit that may or may not result in at least two relatives not speaking for the rest of the day.

15) Counting down to Christmas with the Harry Potter movies on ITV.

16) Scrabbling with your family over the Malteaser sweets in a tub of Celebrations. Everyone knows they’re the best ones.

17) Justifying every after work drink with “well it is Christmas”.

18) CHRISTMAS JUMPERS. So warm, so festive.

19) Completely forgetting what day it is on the days in between Christmas and New Year. It's so difficult to know where you are when the TV programmes are all on on the wrong days.

20) Carol concerts. Especially when they’re candlelit!

21) Festive get-togethers – party food + too much booze + loud, terrible singing = MEGA.

What do you love about Christmas?