10 favourites this week (#1)

Some of my favourite blog posts to read are the "weekly round up" types that focus on all of the things that have been great about the week. I think in such a busy day and age we don't always make time to stop and think about the big and small things that have made us smile, but I think it's so important to appreciate those moments. So in an attempt to be more positive and appreciative, here are ten things that have really made my week: 1) Going to watch It's a Wonderful Life at Hyde Park Picture House on Saturday night. It might be my favourite film ever and the ending always makes me do a little cry. And Hyde Park Picture House has got to be the cutest cinema ever.


2) Listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 on repeat in my car. That woman though.

3) Wrapping all of the presents that I've bought for all my favourite people. I can't wait to see their faces on Thursday when they open them, as cliché as it sounds, giving gifts has got to be the best bit of Christmas!


4) Reliving my childhood by watching Beauty and the Beast on Monday evening. Oh Belle, how I love thee.

5) Baking these bad boys! Recipe here: http://buddingbaketress.blogspot.fr/2010/12/peanut-butter-reindeer-cookies.html


6) Reading Anuschka's brilliant Year in Review blog post and taking some time to answer all of the questions: http://into-mind.com/2014/12/16/your-year-in-review-50-questions-to-help-you-reflect-appreciate-and-get-excited-for-2015/. It was nice to take some time to reflect on all of 2014's achievements and start to plan for 2015.

7) Having our friends round for a festive soiree yesterday. Yum food, mulled wine and the obligatory, passionate, boys v girls game of Trivial Pursuit.


8) Eating way too much food at Almost Famous with my fave pals. Mmmmm, bacon rain.

9) Heading to the German market in Millenium Square on Wednesday and singing along with Mundy and the party band. Definitely didn't have much voice left at work the next day.

10) Receiving lovely Christmas cards from faces I haven't seen for way too long.