10 favourites this week (#2)

formby I really want to try and keep these posts to a Monday but the Christmas holidays have got me all confused about what day it is! Hopefully you can all let me off. Anyway, here goes my 10 favourite things this week:

1) Christmas

Quite predictably, top of my favourites list this week has been spending a great Christmas with all my loved ones. We had an amazing few days with both of our families filled with food, lots of laughter and some very brilliant gifts.

2) Beach walks

We took my parents’ puppy for his first walk on the beach on Sunday. We strolled along Formby beach, surrounded by blue skies and sunshine – it was so lovely to see little Ted so excited and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

3) Serial

A few months behind everyone else, I have become completely obsessed with Serial. I’ve listened to about 4 podcasts today alone and I can’t wait to get to the end – let me know if you have already listened as I would love to have a couple of people to discuss it with when I’m done!

4) Taking mid-afternoon baths

There’s something really great about being off work for a while and completely losing any sense of time or structure. I feel like I’ve really relaxed this past week and one of my favourite things to do has been soaking in the tub with all my lovely new bath goodies.

5) Planning for 2015

I wrote this post earlier in the week about my 2015 goals –focussing on these goals has made me excited for the new year rather than feeling blue that Christmas is over.

6) Reading

Similarly to number 4, the Christmas break has given me a chance to switch off and find time to read. So far I’ve read Alexa Chung’s IT and am nearly done with Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves – reviews to come in a round up post in the new year.

7) Cooking for my family

Last night I cooked a beef rendang curry for my family (recipe here). After being fussed over and looked after all over Christmas it was really nice to do something for them (and the curry was delicious, if I do say so myself!)

8) Playing boardgames

I love boardgames and we play Scrabble quite a bit. One of the joys of Christmas for me is getting everyone round the dining table, putting the board in the middle and going head to head (we usually play oldies v youngies or boys v girls). Watching my parents getting insanely competitive is hilarious, as are some of the answers that get thrown out under pressure.

9) Thinking about all of the great things that have happened in 2014

I think it’s natural in December to look back and reflect on everything that has happened in the past 12 months. This week I’ve really enjoyed reminiscing – 2014 has brought me some great holidays, a new home, a new job and a much healthier outlook on life. It has been great to think about all of the year’s achievements and memories and be grateful for how much I have.

10) Hanging out with my favourite little people

Being back home has meant that I’ve been able to hang out with all of my favourite little people. I’m really blessed to have a family that includes 5 amazing kids and getting to spend time with them at their most excitable time of year has been great. Time with them is precious and they grow up so quickly, so I really do savour those moments of one on one time.

What have you all loved about the past week?