10 favourites this week (#4)

IMG_6673 Bit late on this one this week, but here are the 10 things that have made me smile in the past week:

1) Puppy sitting

This week we are minding my Mum and Dad’s puppy, Ted, while they are on holiday in Mexico (so unbelievably jealous). It has been so fun taking him for walks and having him to snuggle with on the sofa while we battle our way through season 2 of Homeland. I don’t want him to ever go home!

2) Cooking Tom Kerridge’s slow roast lamb

We had some friends round for dinner on Sunday and I made this delicious lamb by Tom Kerridge. It was super easy and faff-free, but best of it all it definitely elicited many sounds of enjoyment and empty plates around the table.

3) Feeling inspired

I’ve been away with work for a couple of days which is why my weekly favourites is a little bit late. We had an off-site company day which was filled with inspiring talks from amazing people, all on the subject of creativity and talent. I came away feeling so inspired and full of ideas and just generally EXCITED. Can’t ask for more than that.

4) Reading more

One of my goals for 2015 was to read more and I have been getting well underway this week. Reading time is true relaxation to me – I never fully switch off when watching TV or listening to music, but I always do when I read. Updates on what I’ve been reading coming later this month!

5) Having an amazing run

On Thursday I had one of the best runs I have had in ages. Not best in terms of distance or speed, but best in terms of how amazing I felt when I got in. I almost didn’t go as I felt tired and cold, but I got myself out and accompanied by a little Beyonce I ran my little heart out. Seriously, what did people listen to when they went running before Beyonce…?

6) Sleeping lots

I don’t think I have stayed up later than 10.30pm for about 10 days now and it’s been AWESOME. I love my sleep and I feel so much more energised, productive and HAPPY when I get enough of it, so I’m feeling pretty great right now.

7) Listening to new podcasts

As I’ve been gradually upping my running over the past few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for some fresh podcasts to fill the gap that Serial left. My two new faves have been The High Teacast and Call Your Girlfriend – both feel like listening to your friends have a little chat while I plod up and down the canal. Other podcast recommendations will be gratefully received!

8) Yummy pecan pie at Bill’s

My team and I headed to Bill’s in Hammersmith for dinner while we were in London earlier this week. We were totally greedy and ate three course but the highlight for me was the pecan pie we had for dessert. It was totally indulgent, especially for a January Monday, but it made me smile and that’s what matter isn’t it?!

9) Discovering new beauty faves

I’ve been slowly working my way through some of the goodies I got for Christmas and I have discovered some new faves along the way. My ultimate is the Soap and Glory Whipped Clean shower butter which smells insanely good, but I’m also loving my new YSL lippy and MAC eyeshadow palette.

10) Epic sunrises

There have been some truly amazing sunrises over the past week which have made it so much easier to leave the house when it’s freezing cold and the bus is probably running late. The photo above was taken as I was walking to the bus stop last Thursday and it definitely put a little smile on my face.