Thoughts on... where I find inspiration

IMG_6715 For me, January is the perfect time for seeking inspiration. The weather is bleak, the evenings (and afternoons) are dark and spring feels just that little bit too far away. But at the same time, the year is still fresh and those goals and resolutions are still front of mind. Having some great sources of inspiration on hand can help when your focus starts to struggle and the cold, dark days start to wear you down.

I have a few places I turn when I want to feel motivated inspired. I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts and in return I would love to hear yours!

1) TED talks

There's something about watching TED talks that fills me with energy and a desire to take over the world. I love the combination of uplifting stories and practical tips and there really is a TED talk for everyone and everything. A few of my favourites include Amy's great talk on the power of body language and Cameron's talk about the judgements we make based on looks.

2) Great books

I'm a self confessed business/development/psychology book addict. I'm inspired by reading the stories of other people's success, tips on how I can be better/more motivated/more productive/happier and anecdotes that help me challenge my perspectives. I'm currently getting stuck into Girl Boss and Good to Great, but would love to hear your recommendations for future reads.

3) Pinterest

I don't think I'm the only who uses Pinterest as a source of inspiration. The content is endless, spanning perfect kitchens, dreamy destinations and delicious recipes. But the thing I undoubtedly pin the most are great words and images, those that sum up how I'm feeling or capture the ambitions that I have for my life. You can find my board of happy thoughts right here:

4) Bloggers

Recently I have found myself becoming more and more inspired by fellow bloggers. It can feel easier to aspire to the achievements and talents of bloggers because of the whole "real people" nature of the industry. I am most inspired by bloggers who are juggling a lot in their life and still bossing it like Rosie or those who are stretching out of their comfort zone and creating a life for themselves doing exactly what they want like Jenny and Hannah.

I'd love to hear what your favourite sources of inspiration are - leave me a comment if you have any recommendations!