Weekly Reads Round Up (#1)


(Photo c/o: RVG Design)

I spend so much time reading and enjoying blogs and links from across the Internet that I thought it was only fair to start sharing my favourites with you all. I love these sort of posts on other people's blogs as it helps me to discover new gems that I otherwise wouldn't have stumbled on, so I hope I can do the same thing. So here goes, my favourite bits of the Internet for this week - grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

  • These photos by photographer Kristofer Williams convey just how beautiful Anglesey is much better than I could ever manage.
  • Ellie's post earlier this week had me hankering to write handwritten letters to everyone I love.
  • With the general election creeping up on us, I have become¬†obsessed with this little website. You take a quiz based on what is most important to you and the policies that relate to those issues and it tells you which party you should vote for based on your answers. So far the Green Party have come out most popular.
  • Kate's H&M home buys¬†has got me so excited about buying my own little house that I can decorate.
  • I've been stuck in a bit of a monochrome rut recently, but Emma's post had me dreaming about bold, bright colours. How amazing does she look in that red coat?!
  • I've saved Jennifer's DIY dining table tutorial for when we move - such a great, cheap way to make it feel part of their home.
  • I loved these words of wisdom from Natalie on Le Blow. It got me thinking about what advice I'd give to my younger self.

What have you all loved reading this week?