10 favourites this week (#7)

IMG_6947 The first Monday of February already! A fresh week and a new month rolling out ahead of us. Do you have anything exciting planned? Here are my favourites for the last week of January:

1) Staying cosy

How cold has it been the past week?! We’ve had a mixture of snow, sleet, ice and wind up here in Leeds – brrrrr – so I’ve spent a lot of time keeping cosy. Think fluffy PJs, bed socks, blankets and oversized jumpers. Sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to snuggle up isn’t it?

2) Laura Marling at The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

On Wednesday evening we hopped on the train and headed over to Hebden Bridge to watch the lovely Laura Marling. I’ve loved her ever since my lovely friend Fi took me to a gig she did in Piccadilly records in Manchester – that was eight years ago now and she has only got better! So it was a real treat to see her play a small venue after a year or so off touring.

3) Burgers and Big Hero 6

We went to the cinema for the first time in ages on Friday – I seriously can’t even remember the last time we went! We saw Big Hero 6 which was fab (would definitely recommend) and treated ourselves to a Five Guys burger beforehand (review going up soon!). Perfect Friday night!

4) Carbs

Similar to point 1 really – this weather is making me crave all the carbs and I haven’t been doing much in the way of denying myself. This week has included pasta, pastry and chips and it has been GLORIOUS. We need a bit of extra blubber in winter, right…?

5) Making it to the gym before work

It is very, very rare that this happens, especially when it’s about -5 degrees and pitch black, but when I do it makes me feel invincible for the whole day. Managing this a couple of times last week helped me to feel super productive and “on it” – here’s hoping I can avoid the snooze alarm a few times this week too.

6) Our new vinyl player

Sam bought a lovely new vinyl player last week with his Christmas money and as a result we have been re-listening to all of our favourite records over the weekend. It’s impossible to feel down when you have Sam Cooke blasting through the speakers on a sunny Sunday afternoon. And it looks pretty in our living room – win win!

7) Podcast loving

This week I’ve been listening to a couple of new podcasts that I’ve seen recommended on other blogs. The High Teacast podcasts have been making me chuckle at all the inappropriateness on my commute to work and the How They Blog podcasts have had me thinking about what I want to create in this little space.

8) Making plans for February

February is filling up already and I’ve been adding lots of things to my diary for the weeks ahead. I’m looking forward to a trip to London at the weekend, a couple of gigs, family time and a potential visit from the bezza. Throw in a couple of dinner dates and birthday celebrations and it’s looking like it will be a great month.

9) Drinking lots of Framboise at The Social

We headed to The Social in Leeds city centre on Saturday night for some birthday celebrations – I hadn’t been before so I was really excited to check it out. It was a lovely space, feeling way bigger inside than it looks from the outside, and they had Framboise on tap. Hooray for delicious raspberry beer yumminess.

10) Watching 500 Days of Summer

We were umming and ahhing about what to watch last night when I realised that 500 Days of Summer was on Film 4. I love this film so much and hadn’t seen it in ages so was super happy – I love the soundtrack and of course, Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Perfect Sunday evening film!

What have you been loving this past week?