What I've been reading | January

IMG_6973 One of my goals for 2015 was to read more - I set myself the challenge of reading 25 backs this year. I made a good dent in January, reading 4 books while hibernating from the cold! Here's what I read this month:

Before We Met - Lucie Whitehouse

This was dubbed the British Gone Girl in it's description on Amazon, so I had high hopes for a good thriller, with lots of twists and turns. In actual fact I found it quite slow paced and even tedious at times - the twists were quite predictable and it wasn't the page turner I expected. The characters were quite irritable, as they were in Gone Girl, but I didn't feel like it added to the unfolding of the story in the same way. Not one I'd recommend unfortunately!

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - Karen Joy Fowler

I didn't really have any expectations about this one - I'd ordered it on a whim from Amazon and didn't know anything about the plot. It was a little bit different to your average thriller (I won't say anything more in case I give too much away!) but had familiar themes too - it had a classic basis of dysfunctional family life. There is a big twist in the first half of the book which kept me reading on, but unfortunately the story didn't unfold much after that. Probably worth a read as the subject matter is interesting and the prose is crafted well, but it wasn't one that kept me up turning the pages.

The Last Anniversary - Liane Moriarty

Now this book I really enjoyed! (Thank God I hear you sigh). I had read another book of Liane's last year, The Husband's Secret, which I whizzed through so I knew I liked her writing style. The story was warm, the characters were likeable and there was a slowly unravelling mystery that kept me reading. And there were tonnes of delicious sounding food references that had my mouth watering! A nice, gently gripping read that I looked forward to picking up again each evening.

#GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso

I've read a tonne of #GIRLBOSS reviews on various blogs and people seem to either be "All hail Sophia Amoruso" or "what a load of self-congratulatory crap". I have to admit I'm not in either camp and am really rather on the fence with this one. Yes, parts did read as a little patronising and self indulgent, but if you can see past that it really is a great story of self made success which I think we can all find inspiration in. The energy of the book was really positive and while I don't think it's going to set the business world on fire, it is nice to read about a fellow lady bossing life.

What have you read this month? Any recommendations for February reads?