10 favourites this week (#8)

IMG_7089 I can’t believe how fast these weeks are whizzing by – it feels like I’ve only just finished writing one of these posts and it’s time to start the next one! I love writing them though – they really do make me focus on all of the things that make me smile. So here’s the round up for this past week:

1) Duolingo

I wrote in my 2015 goals post about wanting to learn the basics of Spanish after dabbling in Duolingo last year. I re-downloaded the app and I’ve been hooked again ever since! I’m thoroughly enjoying practicing on the bus to work and while I’m waiting for dinner to cook – it’s fun learning the new words and also testing how much I’ve remembered from last time. Hopefully I’ll be fluent in no time…

2) Making earrings

I’ve written in one of these posts earlier about how I recently started a silversmithing course and had been thoroughly enjoying it. The first few weeks were all about learning techniques and practicing with scraps, but this week I made my first finished item – a beautiful pair of silver hoop earrings. I’m not usually one to wear dangly earrings but I’ve been showing them off with pride this week – it’s such a nice feeling to say I made them when people compliment me on them!

3) Laughing out loud at Mindy Kaling’s book

Before reading this I knew nothing about Mindy Kaling – I picked this book up after watching a lady chuckle her way through it on the train before Christmas. I won’t say too much as I will review in detail in my February book round up, but basically I want her to be my best friend.

4) Hysterically hilarious phone calls with my sister

Whilst we’re on the subject of laughing at loud, I couldn’t not include the phone call with my sister. I don’t know if it’s a sibling thing but we have an identical sense of humour and no one can quite make me laugh like she does.

5) A MUJI stationery haul

MUJI 0.5mm pens are like my favourite pens ever, which is sad because there are no MUJI shops in Leeds. Ever since our store closed down a few years ago I’ve been forced to stock up elsewhere, and stock up I did this weekend. I have some lovely new pens, a couple of notebooks and a list pad that is making me feel all kinds of organised.

6) Boozy brunch at Caravan, Kings Cross

Booze + brunch = an epic combo in my eyes. So when we stumbled across Caravan in Kings Cross at the weekend I was in my element. Throw in the most perfect scrambled eggs ever and a really buzzy atmosphere and you’re onto a winner.

7) Benefit Roller Lash mascara

I’ve seen reviews of this bad boy popping up all over the Internet. I couldn’t fight temptation anymore so picked up Elle magazine at the weekend to try their freebie for myself – I am so glad I did! I can’t wait until I can buy a full size version of this little miracle worker.

8) A ridiculously bargainous £1 Primark skirt

I’ve been on a spending ban of late and have such avoided all clothes shops so as not to be tempted by lovely sale goodies. However I needed some new tights, so popped into Primark on Friday evening, which is where I spotted the bargain in question – a gorgeous green high waisted skirt with a leafy print, for a mere £1. I have had 3 compliments about said skirt today (there are only 5 people in my office, so this is a strong hit rate) – definitely worth the price of a chocolate bar!

9) A lovely weekend in sunny London

More on this later in the week, but I had such a lovely weekend in the capital! I go to London pretty much once a week but never get to stray much further than Hammersmith – it was so nice to have a little explore, check out some foodie places we’ve been dying to try and just generally spend some proper time with Sam.

10) Writing on the train on the way home

I don’t know if it was the new stationery or a weekend away, but I was brimming with ideas on the train home last night! I revelled in using the journey to get my ideas down on paper and planning for the week ahead – I love feeling prepared and organised.

What have you all been enjoying this week?