The A-Z of Me!

10801644_10152498367531700_4235731872073335286_n I've been posting on this little space for a couple of months now but haven't really told you all that much about me personally, other than what makes me happy every week of course! And then I spotted this post on Katy's blog last week and thought WHAT A GREAT IDEA. So I have taken that idea and borrowed it with pride!

So here you go... the A-Z of me!

A... Anglesey

I've written already about how much I love this place but I really, really do! I have so many happy memories there and I love being by the sea.

B... bezzas

AKA my best friends. I know I'm biased, but I have super awesome bezzas who can make me laugh hysterically at any given moment. We haven't all lived in the same place since we moved away from home at 18, but when we do get together it's like nothing has ever changed. Just the way it should be.

C... chorizo

I would legitimately have chorizo with every single meal if a) this was socially acceptable, and b) it wouldn't make me obese. I think it is the most deliciously tasty thing on the planet!

D... days out

Sunday is the only day of the week that Sam and I are both off work, and my favourite way to enjoy it is going on a day out together. Favourites include Knaresborough, Hebden Bridge and the seaside.

E... eating

My favourite hobby. Not even kidding.

F... family

Because I honestly have the best one. A huge, loud, ridiculously funny one. I love nothing more than big family get togethers, where we eat too much food, drink too much beer, watch shows put on by the little ones and laugh, a lot!

G... girly time

I'm really close to my sister and my Mum and I love it when we get to spend girly time together. We love Dad too, obvs, but he just doesn't really GET shopping and spa days quite so well.

H... home

Despite living in Leeds for over 6 years, I still think of the house I grew up in as home. All of my family live in the same area so going home means I get to see everyone all in one go. And my Dad always make us stupidly good food whenever we visit!

I... ideas

Sometimes I'm completely stuck for them, but I'm at my happiest when I'm feeling creative and the ideas are flowing.

J... juggling

Not literal juggling (which I would be terrible at cause I have ZERO hand eye coordination skills) but the sort of busy life juggling that has me reaching for a glass of wine. I have a lot on at the moment so it sometimes feels like I'm struggling to keep everything on the go at once, but secretly, I love it.

K... kindness

Because it costs nothing and the world would be a better place if we all spread a bit more kindness - to others and to ourselves. Being kinder to myself is something I'm really trying to work on at the moment.

L... laughter

So many of my friends and family are comedy geniuses which is lucky, because they keep me laughing all the time. I also love watching stand up and having a real old belly chuckle.

M... music

I don't go to nearly as many gigs as I used to, but I still love music, which is lucky seeing as I live with a musician! I like new stuff and cool stuff and cheesy stuff and pop stuff and everything in between. I'm always on the scout for new artists to listen to, so HOLLER if you have any good recommendations.

N... New York

My ultimate all time happy place. I spend at least 30 minutes a day dreaming up ways that I could live there.

O... organisation

I love stationery and spreadsheets and lists and generally just going all OCD organisation on all aspects of my life. My boyfriend hates it as he is carefree and laid back and I like to plan, plan, plan, but nothing gives me a kick like a neat to do list and an itinerary outline!

P... pets

I've had tonnes of pets growing up and have always loved having animals around the house. We don't have a pet at the moment, but as soon as we buy a house we will be straight out to buy a doggy!

Q... quotes

I'm sure you can tell from my Words for Wednesday posts, but I really like quotes. I find them really inspirational and have them plastered all over my desk/house/Pinterest boards.

R... reading

I've mentioned it a few times, but getting lost in a good book is the only way I truly relax and switch off from whatever's going on in my little world. I'm really enjoying making reading a focus and a priority at the moment.

S... Sundays

My favourite and most relaxing day of the whole week. Think elaborate roast dinners, long baths and lots of reading.

T... talking

Anyone who knows me knows I am an absolute chatterbox. I love talking to people and sharing stories, whether they're my best friend or a complete stranger.

U... University of Leeds

Where I spent some of the best years of my life and discovered the city I would fall in love with. I was an Economics undergraduate and loved every second.

V... variety

They say it's the spice of life and they really aint wrong. I really try to keep things varied, both at work and in my social life.

because, well OBVS.

X... X-rays

I have a condition called osteochondroma, which basically means that my long bones grow funny lumps and bumps at the end of them. As a result I've had more x-rays than I could count in my lifetime!

Y... Yorkshire

The fair county I have now come to adopt. I have never met people as proud as Yorkshire residents and I totally get why - the cities are great, the countryside is spectacular and the pubs are second to none.

Z... zzzzz

Sleeping is my favourite hobby. I have a notorious reputation for being able to fall asleep anywhere and if I don't get at least 8 hours a night I get real cranky.

I'd love to see your A-Z - let me know if you decide to do a similar post!