10 favourites this week (#9)

IMG_6043 I can't believe that this is the 9th of these posts already! 2015 is whizzing by.

I am in the best mood today, despite it being Monday! I have had the best weekend ever and have got so much to look forward to in the next couple of weeks – I’m feeling so lucky and grateful for all of the brilliant people in my life.

Here are my ten favourites from the past week – all the things that are helping put a huge smile on my face today:

1) A newfound dark chocolate obsession

I seriously cannot get enough of the stuff at the moment – the higher the cocoa content the better! I love how you only need one or two squares to get a real chocolatey hit (although I could definitely eat more than that!). It’s my new favourite evening treat with a cup of peppermint tea.

2) Successful presentations

I had a couple of big meetings and presentations at work last week and I was quite nervous beforehand, but they all went really well. I finished the week feeling like I should give myself a massive pat on the back and a glass of wine (I did both).

3) An epic book haul

I’m racing through books for the reading challenge that I set myself – so much so that I’m thinking about upping my goal from 25 to 50 to keep the momentum going! As a result I needed some newbies for my bookshelf and I indulged in a little haul – Amazon have got a great 3 for £10 deal on paperback books so I didn’t feel too guilty about my splurge. I can’t wait to read them all.

4) Leeds foodie bar crawl

I met up with my friend Kyle after work last Thursday for some drinks and a catch up. We couldn’t quite decide what we wanted to eat so we went to a couple of places instead! We indulged in a sharing platter at Friends of Ham which was as great as ever, and then followed it with a couple of nibbles in Bundobust. I was a very happy lady on the way home.

5) Indulging in a bit of down time

I’ve been really busy lately and it sometimes feels like any free time I have needs to be spent doing fairly dull stuff – catching up on washing, doing the food shopping and going to the gym. This week Sam did a load of our chores on his day off which meant that I could spend my evenings properly relaxing – it felt so nice!

6) Having my hair and nails done

How amazing do you feel after just having your hair done? I had mine cut and coloured on Saturday morning and I absolutely love it – it feels so fresh and bouncy (and I may have flicked it like I’m in a shampoo advert more than once… ). I also went for a girly afternoon with my Mum to get my nails done, so I’m feeling very well groomed right now!

7) Burgers and cocktails at Meat Liquor

On Friday night we headed to Meat Liquor to celebrate a couple of our friends’ birthdays. I love that place so much – the burgers are sooooo good and the fries are pretty epic too. We also tried a couple of their cocktails – I can highly recommend the Space Gin Smash!

8) My Dad cooking my favourite tea

When I lived at home, my favourite tea used to be this delicious creamy, garlicky chicken and bacon dish that my Dad concocted. He’d serve it with fresh pasta or potatoes and it was just the best comfort food. I’ve never been able to quite perfect the recipe myself, so it was a real treat when he whipped it up for us on Saturday night (yes we spent Valentine’s night with my parents, oh the romance!)

9) Catching up with my grandparents

I got to see both of my grandparents this weekend and that made me super happy. I always love catching up with them - popping round for a cup of tea and listening to all of their stories is just lovely. I think we can sometimes forget just how much the world has changed in their lifetimes and it’s so interesting to hear them regale tales of how life used to be.

10) Family party times

It was my little cousin’s 1st birthday party yesterday and we had a family gathering to celebrate. I’ve talked before about how my family is really big and close knit, and nothing makes me happier than us all being in the same room at the same time. I also got to have loads of snuggles with the birthday boy who is just the cutest!

What’s been making you smile this week?