10 favourites this week (#10)


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Happy sunny Monday everyone! The sky is a lovely undisturbed blue today in Leeds and the light is just lovely. I’m having a few midweek days off this week so here’s hoping it sticks around!

What have you all been up to over the past seven days? I had such a lovely week and am feeling pretty happy today as a result. Here are the things that have had me smiling this week:

1) Knitting

Call me an old lady, but I have fallen in love with knitting! I haven’t done it for so, so long (like 10 years plus), but I bought some new needles and cheap wool last week and have already managed to knit myself a lovely cosy snood. It’s so therapeutic and it makes you feel more productive when sitting on the sofa watching TV!

2) The Good Wife

I started watching this on Netflix last week after seeing it recommended on a couple of other blogs and OH MY GOD I AM OBSESSED. How have I managed to avoid this for so long?! It’s the perfect mix of personal drama, sass and “solve the problem before they do” lawyer vibes. If you haven’t seen this before I would definitely recommend, I am hooked.

3) Pancakes!

I couldn’t write this post this week without mentioning one of my favourite days of the year – Pancake Day! Any tradition or day named purely after food is a big win with me. I’m trying to avoid gluten at the moment due to my intolerant stomach, so we made these Paleo pancakes and they were just delicious. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve eaten them twice since Pancake day!

4) Reaching 50 blog followers

I know that having 50 followers is such a tiny amount to a lot of you guys, but for me this felt like I’d hit my first blogging milestone! I’ve loved writing this blog over the past few months so the fact that some of you are enjoying reading it makes me really happy. Thank you!

5) Daffodils

My lovely friend bought me a bunch of daffodils last week and they have been brightening my living room up ever since. I love all of the cheery, colourful flowers that are around at this time of year – it’s making me feel like spring is just round the corner… (Definitely gonna snow I’ve said that!)

6) Cooking for the girls

I had the girls round last Thursday and cooked dinner for them. I love cooking for other people and it always pushes me to try new recipes or make something a little different. I’m currently obsessed with my spiraliser so I whipped up some courgetti and it went down well! Recipe to follow soon…

7) Light mornings

When I wake up for work at 7am now its light! Can we all just appreciate how amazing that is! It’s making me reeeeeallyyyyy excited for long light nights and sunshine and spring.

8) £3 shoes!!!

I told you all about how happy buying a skirt for £1 in Primark made me a few weeks ago, so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a pair of gorgeous coral strappy heeled sandals for a mere THREE QUID this weekend. I found them in the Liverpool store on Saturday and they look exactly like a pair they had in Zara last summer – they are so great that my Mum, my sister and I all bought a pair!

9) Bem Brasil feasting

Have any of you been to Bem Brasil before? I visited with my Mum and sister in the Liverpool restaurant on Saturday after a morning of shopping. It’s the perfect venue for a long lazy lunch – you basically sit down and drink wine and gossip while waiters bring huge skewers of meat to your table and carve it for you. Probably not one for veggies, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it and needed rolling out after a couple of hours of indulging.

10) My mum’s roast dinners

I have never tasted a roast dinner as good as the ones my mum makes. She somehow manages to get the potatoes perfectly crisp and her gravy is the most delicious thing ever. I’ve been trying to perfect it for years but hers still wins every time!!!

Just realised 4 of my happy things are about food… Not sorry…