30 things that are guaranteed to make me happy

FullSizeRender-4 1) Playing Scrabble

2) Having tulips in my favourite vase

3) Spending time with my family

4) Reading a real page-turner

5) Fresh bed sheets

6) Prosecco

7) This song 

8) Bright sunshine on a wintery day

9) Finding a new recipe that I love

10) Holidays!

11) An early night

12) Reminiscing on good times

13) Finding gifts that I know someone else will love

14) A long walk on a cold day

15) Belly laughs with old friends

16) Good hair days

17) Being by the sea

18) Finding an outfit that is really flattering

19) A long hot bath

20) Cuddles with my parents' puppy

21) Lazy Sundays

22) A bright lippy

23) Getting crafty and creative

24) Long phone calls with my Mum

25) The first blossom of spring

26) A great stripey dress

27) Lying on the sofa with my favourite blanket

28) The first page of a fresh notebook

29) Burning gorgeous smelling candles

30) Date nights

What makes you smile?