10 favourites this week (#11)

IMG_7271 Happy new week everybody! Have you got exciting plans for this one? I'm a busy little bee this week - with lots of meetings in London, dinner dates and a baby shower to host!

But enough about this week - first lets talk about what made me happy last week!

1) Watching Stepbrothers

I hadn't seen this film for ages and had forgotten how funny it was. I watched it this week with my friend, Fiona, and Sam and howled laughing all the way - "look at all this room for activities!!!"

2) Salts Mill

I used to work round the corner from Salts Mill and ended up taking it a bit for granted. Now I work in the city centre it's so nice to drive out to Saltaire and have a wander round the mill - their book shop is just the best (I can never leave without buying something) and their jewellery section gave me lots of inspiration this week. You can also check out some of David Hockney's work there.

3) Spending time with oldĀ friends

One of my best friends, Fiona, came up to visit last week which was so much fun! It was so nice just to hang out and catch up properly and reminisce on our college days. There's something about spending time with old friends that makes meĀ feel so much more "me".

4) Watching The Brits

I love watching stuff like The Brits because it always feels so nostalgic - it reminds me of all sitting in the living room when I was little, my sister and I crammed onto one sofa, all taking bets on who would win. I also really love the idea of everyone sitting down to watch something at once and live tweeting - although I bet Madonna wasn't loving that aspect!

5) The Wheatley Arms in Ben Rhydding

My new favourite country pub! We had a long, leisurely lunch there on Thursday and it was just perfect. I will definitely be checking it out on a Sunday in the near future after a long country walk.

6) Feeling healthier

After a particularly bad bout of IBS a few weeks ago, I decided to cut bread and pasta out of my diet for a little while. And I feel amazing as a result! My stomach is less bloated, the eczema on my skin has cleared up and I have loads more energy. I think I may do a more in depth post on this soon so watch this space!

7) Finding an unused Keel's Simple Diary

I was obsessed with these about 4 or 5 years ago and filled them up religiously each evening. I was having a tidy round on the bookshelf today and discovered an unused one that I'd completely forgotten about - I'm hoping filling it out everyday will help me to think a bit differently.

8) Leap Write In by Karen Benke

I picked this book up at Salts Mill - it's a sort of activity book, aimed at helping teenagers find their creative writing voice. I'm certainly no teenager, but the activities are fun and are really useful for giving me new prompts. I think a lot of people, young and old, would find it useful.

9) Watching Jungle in Sheffield

I've loved this band for a little while now and finally got to watch them on Friday night. They were unbelievably good, and such a fun Friday night band! They played in The Leadmill in Sheffield which is a venue I've never been to before so it was fun to check that out too.

10) A delightfully indulgent lazy Sunday

A day that consisted of breakfast in bed, a lot of episodes of The Good Wife, blog post writing, cooking, reading and drinking wine. A fine end to any week I am sure you would agree!

What did you get up to last week?