Instagram Round Up | February

Can you believe it's March already? It happens to me every year - February seems to have vanished before it even feels like it's begun. Isn't it strange how those 2 or 3 less days can make a month feel so much shorter? February was FUN. A weekend in London, a visit from my best friend, so much lovely quality time at home, gigs, social outings and lots of great food. Here's are some of the piccies I've been sharing on Instagram this month...


1) Cocktails with brunch at Caravan / 2) My gorgeous guy and I / 3) Beautiful blooms at Liberty / 4) A delightful Muji haul / 5) Prosecco with my Mum and sis / 6) Cuddles with Ted, the family pup / 7) Coffee in bed in the sunshine / 8) A proud "I knitted this!" selfie / 9) Vibin' at the Jungle gig