10 favourites this week (#12)


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How is it Monday again already?! Last week flew by in a whir of delicious food and meetings and trains to London and laughing with friends. A good week by any measure, but I must admit that I’m excited to have a bit of a quieter one this week!

Without further ado, here are some of the things that made last week so bloody great:

1) Checking out Pintura

Okay, so Pintura is 100% my new favourite place in Leeds. Amazing décor, check, delicious tapas, check, bespoke gin bar in the basement, check. What’s not to love?! I couldn’t recommend this place more and it made for a rather lovely start to my week.

2) Finishing my jewellery course and feeling proud

I was a little bit sad to finish my jewellery course on Tuesday evening – I’ve loved spending a couple of hours a week in the cute little studio learning new things. BUT, I also felt super proud of myself – in a mere 6 weeks I’ve gone from knowing nothing about working with metals and being a bit clumsy with the saw to making a whole raft of beautiful silver accessories. I can’t wait to keep practising at home!

3) Light mornings and evenings

This sounds like a really weird thing to contribute to my happiness, but I can’t tell you how pleased it has been making me this week that it’s light when I wake up and light when I leave work! It has got me so excited for long evenings in the sunshine, perhaps with a Pimms in hand…

4) Feeling inspired and organised

Last week was the first time since starting this blog that I managed to blog daily. I felt full of inspiration, and armed with a bit of pre-planning and scheduling, I managed to get something out there every day. I’m finding that the more I write, the more ideas I get – does anybody else get that?

5) Pilates

Why did nobody tell me how AMAZING Pilates is?! I’ve been doing some of the videos on YouTube this week and I love it – 30 minutes of non-sweaty exercise can leave me aching all over the next day! I’m hoping that by mixing it up with a few different workouts it will help to boost my fitness and tone the wobbly bits for summer!

6) Reading overload

I spent quite a large portion of last week travelling as I was up and down the country for work. I love getting the train as it gives me some guilt free time to sit down and get stuck into a good book – I managed to read loads last week and I loved it!

7) A Sunday lie in

I’ve been so busy for the past few weeks that it’s been ages since I had a good lie in. It felt so nice yesterday to not have to rush up and get on with things, and I definitely needed the extra sleep after a long and busy week.

8) Hosting my friends baby shower

A definite highlight of the week that consisted of amazing cake, hilarious games, catching up with some of my fave girls and lots of cuddles with my friend’s bump. It made me so excited to meet the new baby in person – hurry up please April!

9) Epic Sunday roast times with my bezza

We had my lovely friend Em and her new boyfriend round for Sunday lunch yesterday and it was just the most fun. There’s nothing better than comfort food and laughing your head off with one of your oldest friends really is there? We were hastily making plans for more catch ups in the not too distant future so I’m really looking forward to more fun times soon.

10) Pampering

I spent a large chunk of yesterday evening in a gorgeous bubble bath with a glass of Prosecco, my book, and a face mask, before using all my potions and lotions and putting some fresh fluffy PJs on. There’s something about these sort of evenings that makes me feel restored and ready to face the world – a perfect end to the weekend in my opinion.