The 10 skin commandments I swear by

IMG_7426 Show me any girl in the universe who doesn't crave perfect skin, and I'll show you a liar. Dewy, clear complexions are the holy grail of pretty much every twenty-something female, myself included! Here are my top 10 tips for achieving that healthy glow we all aim for!

1) Drink allllllll the water

Dehydration is probably the biggest contributor to dry, flaky skin so it's no surprise that drinking enough water can make it a lot better. I tend to get dry patches on my forehead and cheeks when I haven't been gluggling the clear stuff which always serves as a good reminder for me to keep up with the 2 litres a day!

2) Eat some avocados

Not only are they super delicious and very Instagram-able (is that even a word?!) avocados are also like the world's best skin food. Eat regularly for better skin, shiny hair and strong nails.

3) Get more sleep

They don't call it beauty sleep for no reason! Try and get at least 8 hours a night to get rid of bags and make your skin look more refreshed.

4) Have a good exfoliate

I like to have a full body exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of any dead skin and leave my limbs feeling silky smooth. I'm currently using this body polish by Soap and Glory which does the job and smells AMAZING.

5) Always take your make up off

This seems like such a simple tip, but I can be definitely be guilty of forgetting to take my make up off if I've had a glass of wine or three. Whenever I'm too lazy to remove it before bed I always end up with a fresh blemish!

6) Always wear a day cream with an SPF

Because why risk getting wrinkles and crows feet for a tan that will have faded in two weeks!?

7) Work up a sweat

I don't know the science behind why exercise works, but I do know that a good sweat session at the gym always make my skin feel more glowy!

8) Use a good face mask once a week

My all time favourite is Lush's Mask of Magnamity - I like to apply it whenever I'm having a long soak in the bath for a proper pamper. This one always leaves my skin feeling a little clearer and softer (and it smells minty fresh too!)

9) Have one make-up free day a week

As amazing as make-up is for our confidence, it's not so great for our skin. So try and aim to have one make-up free day a week - I have started doing this on a Saturday and Sunday and my skin is so much clearer as a result.

10) Use a night serum

I swear by this bargain from Aldi (I know, I know, face cream from Aldi!!!). It's a multi-intensive serum that will set you back a mere £3.49 and it has absolutely transformed my skin. It's lusciously thick but soaks in quickly and my skin always feels better the following morning - which isn't bad for something that costs the same price as a Starbucks!

What are the skin tips you swear by?