8 ways to celebrate the International Day of Happiness

times square new york

^^^ Me being the happiest person ever in Times Square

So today is the International Day of Happiness. How awesome is that?! A whole day dedicated to being happy. I'm totally on board with being joyous today as 1) it's PAYDAY and 2) I'm going to an awesome ball with my best pals this evening. But for those of you who aren't feeling all the positives, I thought I'd share with you some ways that you can get in the mood and celebrate!

1) Smile all day long

Because not only will it make you feel better (even if you don't feel like smiling to begin with!) but it will also infect others and make them feel better too. WIN WIN.

2) Listen to your happy song on repeat

Happy songs are personal, but here are a couple of classics from Outkast and The Source to get you started!

3) Make someone else's day

I wrote a post here about how you can make someone else smile. It'll make you feel amazing too!

4) Book a trip/gig/day out with your bezza

Because nothing makes you feel better than having something to look forward to.

5) Make a list of all the things in your life that make you smile

Proceed to bask in the glory of your good fortune.

6) Wear your favourite feel-good outfit

Strut around like the sassy girl you are all day and revel in your own amazingness. All hail the power of great outfits.

7) Ban negative thoughts and comments

Just for one day. It's HARD but it will make you release how easy it is to let negativity and pessimism creep into your day.

8) Raise a glass with your best friends

Appreciate how lucky you are. Gush about how much you love them. Take hilarious selfies. Hug them within an inch of their life.

So there are my tips - how are you planning to celebrate and be happy today?