10 favourites this week (#14)

1558438_10152600178196700_2048952649214155578_n Happy new week people. The weekend has gone far too fast for me and I'm feeling a bit snoozy today, pass me the coffee! Anyone else feeling the same?

Anyway, enough of my moaning and on to something more positive - my ten favourite things from the past seven days!

1) Aldi Skin Serum

I wrote this post last week about my favourite skincare tips, but I honestly cannot tell you how gorgeous my skin is feeling after a few weeks of using this. Soft as a baby's bum!

2) A midweek girly catch up

There's nothing quite like putting the world to rights for three hours with your friends to cheer you up on a Tuesday, is there? It put me in such a good mood for the rest of the week.

3) My new bargain dress

I bought the most gorgeous and flattering dress in the H&M sale last week for a mere £10! I can't find it online but I would wholeheartedly recommend a rummage in store as they had some fab bargains.

4) Future planning

We've done a lot of house and holiday research over the past week and it's making me SO excited for what the future holds. It's pretty exciting thinking about all the good stuff that is yet to come isn't it?!

5) Epic curry and Prosecco Thursday

I ended up working late on Thursday and got home in a bit of a faff and really couldn't be bothered to make tea. So we did the ultimate naughty thing and ordered a takeaway and opened the bottle of Prosecco in the fridge and it was MEGA. My mood was boosted almost instantly (food and bubbles will do that to a girl!)

6) Nailing a work presentation

It was one of those horrible one's, you know the type - when the palms get a bit sweaty and you keep waking up remembering things you need to add or change. And despite me being really nervous it went much better than I hoped - proof that when you put the work in it pays off!

7) Having the most fun time at a charity ball with my best pals

Getting dressed up + copious amounts of bubbles + loads of dancing + popcorn stand + photo booth = best night ever!!!

8) Indulging my hangover

I haven't done this for a really long time. I normally make myself get up and take paracetamol and get on with the chores, but this weekend I just let myself wallow in the hangover. And when I say wallow, I mean take two hour nap, eat a whole Easter egg and watch 4 episodes of The Good Wife. And dya know what? It was EPIC. #noregrets

9) The Imitation Game

We watched this with my parents and sister last night and I LOVED it. I find anything related to World War 2 so fascinating anyway, but throw in some geeky code breaking and I was in my element. Such a good film and a real thought provoker.

10) Getting spoilt by Mum and Dad

Cooked breakfasts, fillet steak, roast lamb... oh the joys of going home for the weekend. My Mum and Dad are the best cooks and we always get well fed by them whenever we visit. Probably need to just eat salad this week...

What's been making you smile this week?