Weekly Reads Round Up (#9)

paperchase hello sunshine postcard After a stressful week I am SO glad it's Sunday! My plans for today are uber relaxing - taking a long bath, doing some pilates, roasting some lamb and catching up on some reading. I hope you have an equally fun day planned, and if you have some free time to indulge then I hope you get time to enjoy these wonderful links that I've rounded up for you!

  • Desperate to travel the world but don't want to leave your job? This post is for you.
  • I've been thinking about practising meditation for a while so I really enjoyed Rachel's tips.
  • Want to learn some new creative skills? Then check out Dana's post about awesome online courses.
  • I loved Amy's positive words and they felt especially poignant for me this week.
  • Victoria's H&M wishlist had me salivating... roll on payday!
  • Katy's post about PMS irrationalities had me giggling hysterically at my desk.
  • And finally, I leave you with this truly wonderful video!