10 favourites this week (#15)

spring blooms

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Happy Monday everyone. I can't believe a new week is here already, with a new month just around the corner. Does anyone else feel like this year is zooming by super fast?

I feel like I've got a renewed sense of vigour and zest this week. I don't know if it's the extra daylight or the promise of lots of exciting things to come but I'm feeling excited! But before I get carried away with myself, here are the ten things that put a smile on my face this week.

1) Delicious grub at My Thai

On Tuesday we checked out a relatively new addition to Leeds, the wonderful My Thai. I was surprised to find a queue snaking outside the door at 6pm on a midweek evening, but after tasting their wares I could totally see why. Delicious, fresh and incredibly cheap (£8 for a starter and a main!) - I know it's going to become a firm favourite.

2) Putting an offer in on a house

Unfortunately someone made a bigger offer than us and so we didn't end up getting it, but actually getting to the stage where we were putting an offer in on a house made me feel really proud this week. It feels like our search is getting more serious and I just know we're going to find something perfect soon. It's pretty exciting!

3) Crumpets

I've totally reignited my love for crumpets this week and have eaten them smothered in butter pretty much every day this week. They're just so comforting and delicious and not even as many calories as you would expect for such carby goodness!

4) Getting out running again

After a few months of being plagued with dodgy shin injuries, I finally managed to get out for a little saunter along the canal this week. It felt SO good to get the legs moving and heart racing again, and I'm looking forward to making it a frequent occasion again now the evenings are lighter.

5) Sam's beer battered fish tacos

I love it when Sam has a midweek day off as he always rustles up something delicious for tea, but this week he truly outdid himself! I came home to beer battered fish tacos, complete with homemade pico de gallo and Sriracha mayo. Recipe here if you would like to indulge!

6) Wreck It Ralph

I don't know how I'd managed to go so long without seeing this film (especially considering the industry I work in) but I bloody LOVED it. Such a clever imagination of what all of our favourite arcade games get up to after hours - a bit like a nerdier version of Toy Story! If you haven't already, you should definitely watch it.

7) A good ol' spring clean

It may have taken me around 7 hours and my hands may be dry and flaky as a result, but my house is sparklingly clean and I couldn't be happier! I whacked on the Whitney Houston greatest hits album (not even remotely ashamed) and danced around as I sorted/bleached/mopped/scrubbed and it actually wasn't too bad at all. And I know it is going to feel SO nice coming home to a clean house this week!

8) Booking a holiday

In an effort to minimise the disappointment of not getting the house, we decided to book a cheap break away to the sunshine. In just over 5 weeks we will be heading to Lisbon for a week long city break in the sun and I couldn't be happier! Have any of you been to Lisbon before? Recommendations would be gratefully welcomed!

9) Daim Bar brownies

I rustled a batch of these up yesterday and I just can't stop nibbling at them. They're super easy to make and can be effectively used to bribe boyfriends/work colleagues/family members - WIN WIN.

10) Sunday naps

Is there anything more indulgent than a Sunday nap on the sofa? It was so nice to not have too much of anything to do yesterday and I made the most of it by catching up on the zzzzz's. Hopefully a restful Sunday will make for an uber productive new week!

(Just realised that 4/10 of the things that made me smile this week. Sorry not sorry)