What I've been reading | March

books bookshelf I am so excited to share some of the books I've been reading with you this month - I've read some really great stuff and it has totally been firing my hunger to keep on with my reading challenge. So without further ado, here are March's book reviews.

How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are - Berest, De Maigret, Diwan and Mas

This books is a tongue-in-cheek, light hearted guide to how be more effortlessly chic, more elegantly cool, more Parisian. There was a nice variety of tips, homages to style icons and amusing anecdotes - quite similar to Alexa Chung's IT. Definitely worth a read - although I'm not sure I've reached that elusive Parisian chic just yet!

Elizabeth is Missing - Emma Healey

I really enjoyed this one. It's a mystery novel with a twist - the protagonist, Maud, has dementia and keeps forgetting the clues. Emma Healey has structured this perfectly to build suspense whilst also giving an interesting insight into what life with dementia can be like. It's frustrating to read at times, especially when Maud loses her stream of thought at key moments, but it's also what makes the novel so clever. I would definitely recommend this one, but be warned that it will pull at your heart strings.

Mrs Hemingway - Naomi Wood

This is probably my favourite read so far this year, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a fictional imagining of what the lives of Hemingway's wives might have looked like and it features lots of familiar characters, including the Fitzgeralds and the Murphys. The characters were very well written and I felt compelled to keep reading, despite knowing the story already. A fascinating insight into a time when writers were more famous than movie stars and musicians - a must read if you like Hemingway's work or are interested in the Parisian Jazz Age.

How To Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps) - Jessica Hagy

This was a re-read for me - I originally picked this book up when we were in New York a couple of years ago. The book contains humorous but poignant advice from Hagy combined with sketchy graphs and venn diagrams. It's one that I like to pick up every couple of months to gain a bit of inspiration and remind myself what's important in life. One to pick up if you're feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed.

What have you been reading this month?