Weekly Reads Round Up (#10)

daffodils easter Happy Easter everyone! What have you all got planned for the day? My day is going to be spent eating lots of chocolate, cooking up an epic roast and *maybe* going for a walk in an attempt to burn off some of the excessive calorie intake. Probably gonna binge watch The Good Wife some more too. You've gotta love a holiday, haven't you?! Here are some lovely links for you to enjoy over a chocolate egg or seven...

  • I've been following Laura's journey for a while now and I was so happy reading about her latest chapter. It also inspired me┬áto give yoga a bit more of a chance!
  • I can't wait to watch these Netflix documentaries that Anna recommended. Happy is one that I'm particularly excited about.
  • Lauren absolutely nailed the confusion of mid-twenties life - I was nodding my head throughout the whole of her post!
  • Who wouldn't want to live in a world where Taylor Swift was in charge?!
  • Megan Lillie's tips are bound to make your spring a little bit brighter.
  • Looking for some meal inspiration? Why not check out what Emma has been cooking up in her kitchen this month?
  • I love how Bee styled this midi skirt - doesn't she look gorge? I can't wait to embrace some spring fashion and ditch the Winter coat!
  • Got an interview coming up? Check out Josie's post about what to wear!