10 favourites this week (#16)

coffee flat white latte art Happy bank holiday Monday!!! How great is it to not have to rush up and head to work on a Monday morning? I am so happy that there are two more bank holidays just around the corner. How have your long weekends been? Mine has been both lazy and exciting, with a lot of delicious food thrown in for good measure. Just how Easter should be in my opinion. And I'm definitely going to be making the most of this delicious sunshine today! So much to smile about. But before I get carried away, here are my 10 faves from the last 7 days...

1) A double weekend

I couldn't write this post this week without mentioning how fab it's been to have two weekends sandwiched back to back! I feel like I've been able to do loads of fun stuff but also have time for proper relaxation (and a stupidly good amount of The Good Wife episodes!). And best of all, we've still got a short week at work to look forward to!

2) The first signs of summer

This week I've experienced all of the first hints that the glorious summer months are just around the corner - the first cut grass smell, the first ice cream, the first feel of warm sun on my face. It has made me so excited that soon we can wear skirts without tights, drink cider in beer gardens and have BBQs! I know that I wouldn't have been as mindful of these moments if I wasn't committed to writing this blog every week, so that's a real positive for me too.

3) Creme Egg brownies


I've been making these at Easter for the past couple of years now and they are definitely becoming one of my favourite traditions - so gooey, so chocolatey! Recipe is here if you want to give them a go!

4) Lush baths

I haven't been in to Lush for ages as I've been on a bit of a spending ban, but I treated myself to a couple of their Easter bath bombs last week and I have been thoroughly enjoying long soaks in the tub. I just LOVE how great their products smell - always so fresh and delicious!

5) A lovely day out in York

Sam never usually gets Saturday off, but this week he did so we headed to York to celebrate. We had such a lovely day mooching around, drinking great coffee at Spring Espresso, eating lunch at Ambiente and getting quite tipsy! We didn't stop laughing all day and rounded it off with a drunken curry when we got back to Leeds - so much fun.

6) Brimham Rocks

The sun was out in full force her in Yorkshire yesterday so we decided to go for a little drive out to Brimham Rocks. Neither of us had ever been before but it was ACE and totally like something out of Jurassic Park. Full post about it coming up this week but we will definitely be heading back. It also made me consider buying a National Trust membership - is this what being old feels like?!

7) Cooking the AMAZING Rosie Londoner meatballs

I made these babies here for tea on Wednesday and all I have to say about the matter is that they are HEAVENLY. I unfortunately have no photos to share with you as we devoured them in minutes, with Sam declaring "this is my new favourite dinner EVER" at the end. They're so oozy and delicious and taste like PIZZA. Just go and make them, okay?!

8) Getting stuff DONE at work

I had one of those mega productive weeks last week that make me feel so happy and passionate and in love with my job. I'm working on some realllllllyyyyy exciting stuff at the moment and I'm finally starting to see my hard work from the past few months pay off. It's making little ol' me very content and there definitely won't be any blues this evening when I'm getting my stuff ready for work tomorrow!

9) Committing to the 30 Days of Yoga challenge

I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about this for a while, and this weekend I decided to just give it a shot and commit to the 30 days. What's the worst that could happen, right? Adriene, who runs the YouTube channel is an absolute babe, and I'm really enjoying committing 30 mins to myself and the practice everyday.

10) Easter chocolate

Because there is no better chocolate in the world than a Dairy Milk Easter egg! Well maybe the little Hotel Chocolat eggs... Or maybe Malteaster bunnies... definitely going to spend the rest of today making a decision... #chocolatecoma