10 signs that summer is just around the corner

IMG_7646 1) You've been painting your toe nails just in case there's a remote chance you might need to wear sandals.

2) The faintest glimmer of sunshine has you counting down the minutes till you can finish work and drink fruity cider in a beer garden.

3) You live in constant amazement that it's still light after 7.30pm.

4) It's no longer an absolute chore to get out of bed in the morning because the sun is shining and the birds are tweeting and life feels less UGH.

5) Salads are becoming a viable and attractive lunchtime option again. So long jacket potato, I'll see you again in November.

6) You keep having minor meltdowns that you might have to wear a bikini again soon. Why did I eat all that Easter chocolate again?

7) You keep buying floaty dresses and floral kimonos, even though you know you'll only really get to wear them twice in the UK.

8) You've changed your morning coffee order from cappucino to ice latte.

9) All you wanna do is make summer plans. Cue spending 80% of your working day checking out festival line ups and searching for cheap flights on Sky Scanner.

10) You're wholly embracing being able to rationalise ice creams again. Come to momma, Twister...