Is 25 the most confusing age ever?!

im-at-that-awkward-age-where-half-my-friends-are-engaged-and-having-babies-and-the-other-half-are-too-drunk-to-even-find-their-phones-2e323 Being 25 is a weird one isn’t it?! Like, only a few years ago I spent literally all my money on new outfits and cider and black and entrance to student nights, and now I spend more time than I would ever have thought possible reading Money Saving Expert trying to understand mortgage rates (still don’t get them).

I feel like when we were at school and college and uni, we all sort of grew up at the same time. Those school years had built in boundaries that came with them – 16 was about trying to pretend you were 18 to get into bars and clubs, 17 was all about learning to drive and embracing the freedom that came with it, 18 was when you packed all your stuff into your Mum and Dad’s boot and moved into slightly grotty student accommodation. I know that not EVERYONE goes through exactly the same things, but generally, back in the school/college/uni days, you could put a pretty good bet on the fact that whatever you were doing, your friends would be doing it too.

It’s probably pretty similar after you graduate from uni too – if you log onto Facebook aged 22, it’s highly likely that your friends are either posting pictures from South East Asia where they’ve gone travelling for a year, or writing statuses about the woes of finding a graduate job /how exhausting full time work is after years of student life. But then after that, it all seems to get a bit hazy. Some people advance super quickly in their career, while others are more focussed on seeing the world or trying to work out what they love. Add to that the fact that suddenly you’re at an age where it’s actually not that weird that your friends from school are getting engaged/buying a house/having a baby and it all really does seem a bit bonkers.

Take my little group of friends – right now I have one who is travelling, one who is saving to go travelling, a couple who are buying house, one who just got a mega promotion and one who is thinking of emigrating. Suddenly there is no “norm”, no social construct that helps you decide what you’re meant to be doing with your life. I feel like there are SO many options – do I want to buy a house or do I want to move to London to further my career or do I want to start a business or do I want to totally scrap everything and go and see the world?! For someone like me who like, your typical type A overachiever, there’s no longer a universal measurement of success. For some it’s prioritising career achievements, for others it’s settling down and starting a family. Then you have those of us who want to make our twenties count by cramming them full of exciting and interesting experiences.

We’re one of the first generations who are truly able to have it all, and sometimes that can be mega confusing. I’m so grateful that we can have amazing careers and families and travel the world, but truthfully, none of us have time to do EVERYTHING, so we have to prioritise. Which isn’t great if you’re as indecisive as I am.

I feel like I’m at an age where I’m no longer a youth (I can’t tick that beloved 16-24 box anymore… sigh) but I don’t quite feel grown up yet. I’m constantly battling between putting my hard earned pennies in my savings account or buying a new outfit and spending £70 on a night out, cause, you know, FRIDAY.

I don’t really know what the point of this post is other than just to put it out there that 25 is CONFUSING. Surely if I feel this way there are other people out there who feel the same?