10 things to do when you're having a down day


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I seem to have woken up today in one of those moods.

You know the ones, when you just feel a bit tired, and well, MEH?! I’ve got absolutely no reason to be in a grump today – I’ve got so many exciting things to look forward to over the next few weeks and I just had the loveliest weekend.

But I’m tired, it’s Tuesday (universally accepted as the worst day of the week) and it’s freezing (genuinely snowed for 5 minutes in Leeds this morning!).

Here are ten things that can help if, like me, you’re feeling a bit out of sorts…

1) Make a cup of tea

Because tea can solve most problems in life. Brew up a good mug, take ten minutes out, and just try and rebalance.

2) Have a bath

Fill it with your favourite bath bombs or silky bubbles. Light some candles. Pop a face mask on. Breathe.

3) Get outside

Even just for ten minutes at lunch. The vitamin D and fresh air will make you feel so much better and ready to take on the stresses of the day.

4) Treat yourself

To a new nail varnish or a bag of Maltesers or a book you’ve had your eye on for a while. Sometimes those low price purchases can put a big ol’ smile on your face.

5) Get something ticked off your list

Accomplishing something will make you feel so much better. Even if it’s the tiniest thing on your list, action it and revel in the lovely feeling of being productive.

6) Go easy on yourself

That being said, today probably isn’t the day to go after any big, scary, confrontational stuff. Save that for tomorrow when you’re back to feeling like superwoman.

7) Make a list of all the things you’ve got to look forward to

Include everything – dinner dates, holidays, the return of your favourite TV programme. Plan outfits, research restaurants, talk about them with your friends – excitement is one of the best types of energy.

8) Hang out with the good ones

The ones who make you laugh, the ones who tell you how great you are, the ones who just help put everything in perspective. If you can’t hang out with them in person, catch up on the phone.

9) Find inspiration

Watch TED talks, read some kick-ass books/blogs, listen to your favourite music really loud. Do anything that makes you feel inspired and reenergised.

10) Have an early night

Put your fluffiest PJs on, make yourself a hot drink, and take yourself off to bed as early as you can. Sleep (or lack of it) can have such a huge impact on our mood, so an early night is bound to have you feeling on top form again tomorrow! What do you do when you need a little pick me up?