Goals for May

IMG_7805 I've been thinking about doing a post like this for a while. I loved writing my 2015 goals way back in December last year (which scarily doesn't feel like it was 5 months ago - how fast is this year going?!) so I wanted to find a way to reflect on a more regular basis.

It's fun setting goals isn't it? I find that thinking about the things you want to achieve and the areas of your life that you want to give more focus and attention to can be really inspiring. So I'm going to try and do it every month here on my little blog.

Here are my goals for May!

1) Be more present

I've got so much going on in May - holidays, nights out with friends, long weekends, family birthdays. I want to make sure I appreciate all of these super fun times in the moment, rather than worrying about things around the corner or being distracted by my phone or social media. This is a challenging one for me as I am so easily distracted, but hopefully I will feel happier for it.

2) Get back to reading

I've been a bit rubbish at my reading challenge this month. I want to get my reading motivation back in May - I think with my holiday and the long weekends I will have more than enough time! The books on my list include The Girl On The Train, How To Build A Girl and The Day We Disappeared.

3) Make some jewellery 

I didn't make any jewellery at all in April. I'm blaming it on a busy month, but deep down I know I jus need to work harder to make time for the things I really love. Here's to digging out my tools this weekend and getting creative with my wares!

4) Don't stress

This one is related to number one I suppose, but I wanted to call it out as a separate point as it's important to me. When I get myself all stressed out, I end up ill - my IBS flares up, my eczema gets worse, and I get stroppy. I've got a really busy month and I know there will be days that will test me, but I'm committing myself to stressing less and thinking rationally rather than worrying.

5) Say yes

My last goal is a reminder to myself to seize the moment and say yes more. With the longer nights and the long weekends really coming into their own this month, I want to do more, see more, listen to more, hang out more. I'm definitely guilty of turning opportunities and offers down because I feel like I have too much going on, but this month is going to be my YES month. Watch this space to see how it works out for me...

What are your goals for this lovely, hopeful month of May?