10 favourites this week (#20)

IMG_7809 Aren't bank holiday Mondays just glorious? Even better is that it's finally holiday week - so just 4 little days in work and then we'll be flying to the Portuguese sunshine! After spending most of the weekend curled up on the sofa feeling poorly, I'm really looking forward to some vitamin D and a little R&R.

Aside from all of the snot and lethargy this week has been a prettyyyyyy good one... here's why!

1) Avengers: Age of Ultron screening

We got to go to a screening of the new Avengers movie for work this week, and I LOVED IT! I totally wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did, but I was hooked all of the way through. Plus there was the whole dilemma of Captain America vs Thor... which one of them is the most gorgeous?!

2) Peter Kay's Car Share

I love Peter Kay - heralding from Lancashire it would be pretty wrong of me not to think he was hilarious. I was really excited to see that he had a new series and it didn't disappoint. I would wholeheartedly recommend catching up on BBC iPlayer if you missed it.

3)  This delicious dinner that Sam cooked for me


What you can't see from this photo is that the chicken was stuffed with chorizo and mozzarella before being wrapped in Parma ham. Totally calorific, but when it tastes as good as this did, it's hard to care!

4) Epic Netflix binges 

Being ill is the perfect excuse to watch so many episodes of your favourite TV show that Netflix sends you that nice little message to check you still have a pulse. This has happened to me at least 3 times this weekend - I have watched so many hours of The Good Wife that I could almost legitimately be a lawyer.

5) These gorgeous H&M shorts

I have to admit that I bought these in two colours, but I just couldn't resist. They're super comfy, a really flattering shape and they will be perfect for roaming round Lisbon exploring! On top of all that, they're also a very reasonable price, what's not to love?

6) A super Spring clean

Sam and I spent a couple of hours on Saturday blitzing the house - I always hate doing it at the time but it's been so lovely to relax this weekend knowing that the house is sparklingly clean and tidy. Isn't it amazing how much bigger your space can seem when everything is tidied away?

7) Legally Blonde 

I was soooooo happy when I saw that Legally Blonde was on last night - watching it immediately transported me to my teenage years! It's a classic in my eyes and I was surprised at how many of the iconic lines I remembered - although I can't say Sam enjoyed it as much as I did!

8) An M&S Dine for Two 

I try and get this deal whenever it's on as it feels like such a treat! I love the food from M&S and it's way better than cooking after a long week at work. We tucked into ours while watching Gogglebox on Friday night - it was a really lovely way to start the weekend after a busy and stressful couple of days.

9) Holiday book haul

I treated myself to some new books for my hols this week and they are making me even more excited for a week of relaxation! Does anyone else feel like they are way faster readers on holiday? Maybe it's the lack of distractions but I always seem to zip through 3 or 4 a week - watch out for reviews on my return!

10) Having an offer accepted on a house!!!

Okay, so I definitely saved the best one until last this week! We are so chuffed to have had an offer accepted, and even though there are tonnes of things that could go wrong between now and picking the keys up, we are definitely trying to enjoy the moment and live the excitement! It's without a doubt a very stressful process, but I'm sure it will all be worth it - I'm already dreaming of perfect kitchens and bedroom decor!

What's been making you smile this week?