Homeware Lust: Ocean Blues

Since having an offer accepted on a house my homeware lusting has gone into overdrive. I have been spending approximately 95% of my time on Pinterest mentally mapping out how I want our new little home to look - I just can't wait to get decorating! Dartington Crystal kindly sent me this gorgeous blue vase last week - isn't is it super pretty?!I love coloured glass as it can add such a subtle pop of colour in an otherwise neutral room.

dartington blue vase

I can't wait to find a place for it in the new house - I think it will look even better stuffed with vibrant wild flowers. What do you think?

It also got me thinking about all of the ocean blue hues I've been lusting after recently - here is a round up of my faves, starting with the fab Dartington vase!

1) Dartington Little Gems Lantern Vase - £20


2) H&M 3-Pack Candles - £3.99

hm candles

3) B&Q St Ives Striped Blue Cushion - £11

b&q cushion

4) H&M Seat Cushion - £7.99

hm seat cushion

5) BHS Blue Trinket Box - £6.00


6) Next Large Breton Stripe Indoor Pot - £8.00

breton pot

7) John Lewis Miko Throw - £49.00

john lewis throw

Which piece is your favourite?