Travel Series: My Hand Luggage Essentials

hand luggage essentials As you read this, I will be waking up in (hopefully) sunny Lisbon, ready for a week of exploring, eating and much needed relaxation. Going away puts me in a good frame of mind to write some travel related posts, so today I thought I'd share my hand luggage essentials with you all!

We flew out to Lisbon with Ryanair, but as we're staying for a week we opted to check a bag in to make sure we had enough weight for all of our stuff (girl gotta have outfit options!). So that left my hand luggage free just for the necessities - these are the xxx things I always prefer to have with me on the plane...

1) A super cosy scarf!


Because it gets bloody chilly on planes, especially if like us you're flying at night! I like to pack a big scarf that I can use as a blanket if I need to - this is an old favourite that I picked up at Forever 21 in Hong Kong a few years ago.

2) A good book

good book

There's always a lot of waiting around when you're travelling isn't there? And if you're doing a short haul flight you don't usually have the luxury of inflight entertainment. Hence needing a good book to get you through - this was recommended to me by a friend who found it so gripping she read it in a day!

3) My camera


I don't like putting my camera in my checked luggage (have you seen how they throw those bags on and off the plane?!) so I always carry it with me in my cabin baggage. It means I can keep a better eye on it - plus it's close to hand for taking those all important out of window plane photos!

4) A notebook and pencil

notebook and pencil

I always find that inspiration strikes when I'm travelling, so I like to take a little pocket notebook and pencil with me. It's also good for scribbling down and recommendations from fellow travellers, plus you can use it as a little holiday diary!

5) My travel document folder

travel document wallet

I always try and keep all my travel documents in one place as it's easy to lose track when you're bag is stuffed with boarding cards, hotel reservations, passports, etc. I picked up this handy folder for about £3 in Paperchase a couple of years ago and it's an absolute lifesaver! You can find some similar ones here.

6) Guidebook

guide book passport

Because I love flicking through and planning our itinerary together over a beer in the airport! It always makes me super excited on the plane and it means that we can get a plan together for the first few days of the trip before we arrive.

What do you always take with you in your hand luggage?