10 favourites this week (#21)

10373958_10152498351746700_8316252026215976243_n Hello lovelies! As you read this I will be sunning myself on a beach in Portugal - much better than my usual Monday reporting, that's for sure. But before I get ahead of myself, here are my ten favourites for last week...

1) Reaching 100 blog followers

This week I finally tipped the 100 mark in terms of blog followers - this made me so super happy, so THANK YOU! I think you're all a bit mad for wanting to read my ramblings but I love it. I'm super close on Bloglovin' too if you want to help me cross another blog milestone...

2) The C Word

I caught up with The C-Word on Monday and I urge you all to PLEASE watch it. It was an incredibly emotional watch, but in many ways a very uplifting one too. It is also doing an amazing job of raising awareness of breast cancer in young women too - promise me you'll watch it and check yourself afterwards?

3) Bank holiday blogging organisation

Despite being poorly over the long weekend, I managed to have a super productive bank holiday Monday (even if it was from bed)! I was feeling super inspired and managed to get lots of blog content written, which means that there will still be fresh posts popping up this week while I'm away.

4) Voting

Unfortunately the results didn't swing the way I wanted them to, but I still felt mega proud as I was casting my vote on Thursday. We are incredibly lucky to be able to have a say in who runs our country and I am so grateful that we have that right.

5) Carluccio's catch up

What better way to spend a midweek evening than with Italian food and good friends?! It was so nice to spend a few hours with the girls (who I haven't seen in ages!) and catch up on all the exciting things going on in our lives - I love hearing about how well everyone is doing.

6) Mill Kitchen/Homage2Fromage mash up

Mill Kitchen is one of my favourite places to go for brunch - a beautiful deli-style cafe set in a gorgeous mill. So imagine my delight when I heard that Leeds' local cheese club, Homage2Fromage, decided to host a cheese filled evening there! This was my first time attending a Homage2Fromage event but it absolutely will not be my last - it was the most fun!!! They host events in a few northern cities so definitely check them out if you love cheese as much as me.

7) This video

I've watched this an embarrassing amount of times this week - it's definitely my highlight of the general election!

8) The return of summer working hours

The company I work for have a great little summer working hours scheme, which basically means that throughout the summer we can finish work at 3pm on a Friday. It feels like such a treat to get a few hours back every Friday afternoon - hopefully the weather will behave and allow me to spend most of them in a beer garden somewhere!

9) Pre-holiday pamper

I love all of the pre-pamper that goes hand in hand with holidays - I treated myself to a fresh manicure on Wednesday evening and spent lots of time lathering up in my favourite lotions and potions. Here's hoping that my diligent exfoliating helps on the tanning front...

10) HOLIDAY!!!

Without doubt, the best part of this week... I won't brag anymore (until I get home anyway...).

What's been making you smile this week?