20 things I want to do this summer

1150279_10151640380121700_2114399839_n I love May - I love the feeling of the whole summer stretching out ahead. BBQs to host, holidays to have, picnics to enjoy, tanned legs to show off...

Summer always seems to whizz by, so this year I'm determined to fill it with as much fun and excitement as possible. I've made a list of 20 things I want to do before autumn rolls around and I plan to blog about them and cross them off as I go!

1) Eat fish and chips on the beach.

2) Watch the sun set.

3) Watch the sun rise.

4) Swim in the sea.

5) Pick strawberries.

6) Have a picnic.

7) Host a BBQ.

8) Visit the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition.

9) Ride a bike.

10) Go to an outdoor movie showing.

11) Visit Bolton Abbey on a sunny day.

12) Catch a tan.

13) Improve my photography.

14) Feed the ducks.

15) Go to Alton Towers.

16) Find a new favourite country pub.

17) Go to a festival.

18) Go camping.

19) Visit a farmer's market or food festival.

20) Take a spa day.

Are you planning on doing any of these things this summer? Do you have any other suggestions for my list?