A day out to... Brimham Rocks

Over the Easter weekend we decided we wanted to take a drive out to somewhere new. Living in Yorkshire, we are spoiled with options for gorgeous places to visit, but after a quick Google it was Brimham Rocks that took our fancy. Brimham Rocks is a National Trust site in North Yorkshire that houses natural rock formations and incredible views. It's a really bonkers kind of place - it totally reminded us of something out of Jurassic Park! We had so much fun climbing over the rocks and admiring the lush green fields as we soaked up the sun.

It was the perfect place to spend a couple of hours outdoors and aside from parking was completely free, which is ace! They also sell really delicious ice cream... what's not to love!?









Do any of you have any recommendations for other days out in the Yorkshire region? We're always looking for new places to try!