Weekly Reads Round Up (#14)

up in the clouds

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I can't believe how fast this week has gone, but that's always the way when you're on holiday isn't it?! I spent a lot of yesterday catching up on all the lovely posts I missed while I was away and rounded them all up here for you...

  • Rosie's recipes have never let me down before, so I can't wait to check out this one for chicken satay!
  • I can't wait for the sun to come out in Leeds so that I can test out Amy's pub garden recommendations.
  • I think we can all relate to Audrey's anxiety about never having enough time to feel completely satisfied.
  • I loved reading all of these wonderful things that Zoe has learnt in her 25 years.
  • There are still so many of these delicious Leeds street foods that I want to try!
  • Reading this post by Emma made me realise how lucky I am to look forward to Mondays.
  • I'm obsessed with The Pool. Are you obsessed with The Pool yet? You will be after reading this.