Travel Series: How to travel on the cheap

View of Lake Como from the Grand Tremezzo Hotel It's no secret around here that I love to travel. I love the buzz of discovering new places and getting to know different cultures. I love trying to find awesome places to eat and being humbled by beautiful sights.

Unfortunately, my pay packet doesn't quite live up to all of my travel ambitions (read: going on holiday every other week) just yet, but I have gotten pretty savvy over the past few years about how to travel on the cheap. Here are my top tips for bagging a bargain holiday!

1) Research flights on Skyscanner 

Skyscanner is a great tool for finding cheap flights - in the past few years I have managed to find return flights to New York for £360 and flights to Lisbon for less than £50 using the site. Just enter where you want to go and on what dates and Skyscanner will find the cheapest option for you. Top tip: if you arn't particularly fussy about where you want to go, choose "everywhere" as your destination to see where is cheapest to fly to.

2) Rent an apartment via Airbnb

Airbnb is one of my all time favourite travel discoveries - it's basically a site where anyone can put their apartment or house up for rent. I've used it quite a few times now in a couple of different cities but my experience has always been brilliant. Not only does it work out WAY cheaper than staying in a hotel (especially in New York!) but it also makes me feel a bit more in with the locals. Renting an apartment also means you'll have a kitchen which can help save money at mealtimes.

3) Learn to pack light

With the rise of budget airlines, taking checked baggage can often mean the difference between a cheap flight and an expensive one. Being savvy and learning to pack within your hand luggage allowance can save you a lot of money!

4) Travel out of season

I know that some people can't choose when they take their holiday (shout out to all you teachers!), but if you can travel out of season you can save a hell of a lot of money. For example, travelling to Lisbon during spring rather than in the height of summer saved us 50% on the price of our flights. It also helps if you can travel midweek as opposed to weekends too.

5) Don't rule out travel within the UK

I think we can all be guilty of assuming that holidays have to be abroad, but there are some truly gorgeous places to visit here in the UK which can make a much cheaper alternative! Some of my favourite locations are Anglesey, Whitby and the Lake District - you can even camp or get a cheap B&B to save even more money.

Do you have any tips for travelling on the cheap? I'd love to hear them!