17 things that go through your mind when buying a house

copper pendant lamp

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1) What if my house isn't Pinterest worthy enough?!

2) Why do the bank need to know how much I spend on shampoo and where I lived 7 years ago?

3) Can I afford that fancy chair on Made.com? *checks website* Not this month... sigh...

4) I really should have been a solicitor, they get paid A LOT.

5) Actually, scrap that. If I was a solicitor I would have to deal with annoying people like me hounding me 24 hours a day.

6) Will I ever have savings again?

7) Is this house REALLY what I want to spend all my money on?! Shall we just go on a really fancy holiday instead...?

8) Wow, I have life insurance now. That makes me feel old.

9) Is it too cheesy to put up a "bought a house" selfie?

10) I don't care, gonna Instagram the hell out of my keys too.

11) Am I getting ahead of myself if I decide what kitchen I want before our mortgage has been approved?

12) What if the neighbours are awful? Please tell me they don't have noisy kids or mow the lawn really early.

13) Who knew that a H&M home haul could be even more exciting than an ASOS one?

14) The bank is too slow. The solicitors are too slow. The mortgage broker is too slow. EVERYONE IS TOO SLOW.

15) God, I'm impatient.

16) Dealing with estate agents is stressful. I deserve a glass of wine tonight.

17) I hope decorating my house is as much fun as decorating houses was on The Sims.