10 favourites this week (#23)

IMG_8322 Shouldn't every Monday be a Bank Holiday? I'm currently laid in bed watching Netflix and thinking about what to make for breakfast as I write this post - this is definitely how every new week should start!

Last week was a SUPER fun one - like one of the most fun weeks I've had in ages (not including hollibobs, obviously!). Here are ten of my favourite things that made me smile...

1) Finally getting my own domain name set up

You might have noticed that things look a little different around here - I finally went and bought www.sophiecliff.com! The wonderful Phil at pipdig set me up with a new theme and made the transition really easy for my technophobe self. I'm very much enjoying having more freedom to tinker with the look and feel so watch this space...

2) Eat. Nourish. Glow.

After suffering last weekend with a horrifically bloated stomach and a particularly bad break out of eczema I knew I had to have a rethink about what I was putting in my body and the effect it was having on me. I picked up Amelia Freer's Eat. Nourish. Glow. on Monday and practically devoured it - it makes so much sense to me. I'm going to be making some healthier changes to try and make my body feel a little bit better.

3) Steak, chips and homemade chimichurri

Sam was off work on Monday and when I got home he had whipped up the most delicious dinner. It felt very indulgent for a Monday - I could definitely get used to being cooked for every evening!

4) Belle & Sebastian at Leeds Town Hall

On Tuesday we went to see one of my favourite bands at one of my all time favourite venues and it was ACE. It was one of my Christmas pressies from Sam and I can't believe how quickly it came round (how fast is this year going BTW?!!?). We danced along, drank red wine and generally had way more fun than is usual for a Tuesday night.

5) Sweet potato curly fries

Discovering that I can make sweet potato curly fries with my spiralizer is probably one of the biggest highlights of my week. Seriously, these little babies are the most delicious thing EVER, and they're healthy too! Not ashamed to admit I've already made them three times since stumbling across the recipe...

6) Getting post from my bezza

My lovely friend Fiona is the only person who ever sends me "fun" post - you know the type that isn't a bill or a bank statement? Coming home on Wednesday to an envelope with her handwriting on made me super smiley. It also made me think about how we should all send more handwritten letters - it's definitely a dying art!

7) A team day and a picnic in the park

Working in a teeny satellite office means that I don't get to see my wider team very much, so it's always nice to see everyone and catch up at our team days. The fact that this one fell on a Friday made it even more fun as everyone was in high spirits - we even had a picnic in the park, complete with a game of rounders (which I am notoriously terrible at!).

8) Leeds Feast

I had THE most incredible night at Leeds Feast on Friday. For those not from Leeds, it was a huge big street food festival, complete with great DJ, well stocked bar and a definite festival atmosphere. The whole night I just felt the biggest surge of pride - Leeds has transformed so much in the 7 years I've lived here, and I am so lucky that we now have so many ridiculous events like this one. Plus dancing with my friends outside to great music is always bound to make me grin like a Cheshire cat.

9) Raspberry and sorrel sorbet from Northern Bloc

We headed across to Leeds Music Hub yesterday to celebrate their 3rd birthday. Sam played a couple of songs and we indulged in some delicious sorbet from Northern Bloc. I hear that their other ice cream flavours are equally great, so definitely check them out if you get chance!


10) Pizza and movie night

We were both super tired last night, so rather heading out and drinking way too much, we brought the duvets downstairs, ordered pizza and watched Wes Anderson films. It was a perfect final "cheat" meal before cleaning up our diet, and it was so nice just to hang out and relax. Plus, it means I'm feeling super fresh today!