What I Learnt About Blogging in 100 Posts

things ive learned in 100 blog posts

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A few weeks ago I hit a bit of a blogging milestone - 100 posts! It's mad to think I've had enough random thoughts and ideas to fill so many posts, but I've really fell in love with blogging and everything that comes with it.

Here are a couple of things that I've learnt since penning my first post back in November...

1) Sticking with something makes you feel good

I've written here before about how I'm a bit crap at sticking with stuff - I start with all the enthusiasm of a dieter on New Year's Day and then get distracted by work or nights out or new fun things or Netflix.  Blogging seems to have been the exception to this for me, and it's taught me that when you stick with something it makes you feel accomplished! I love reading the comments that you guys leave me or feeling excited about an idea for a new post and I know that the more I blog the better I will get at it. It's so nice to have a little space outside of work and day to day life to keep working at.

2) Bloggers are the friendliest people ever

Like SERIOUSLY. This is probably the thing that has surprised me the most - I had this impression that bloggers would be a bit clique-y and so cool it hurts, a bit like the mean girls at my high school, but actually they are the nicest people ever. They leave you super nice comments, give you helpful advice on Twitter, share your blog posts and generally just act as lovely cheerleaders. It is common these days to see women tearing each other down or getting sucked into a competitive bitch-fest and I'd kind of imagined that the blogging world would be just like that, but thankfully, I couldn't have been more wrong!

3) The more I write, the more ideas I get

It's like the ultimate virtuous circle - the more I write about my random thoughts and ideas, the more inspired I feel to write. For such a long time I have read my favourite blogs daily, always having this niggling feeling in my head that "maybe I could do that". Getting started was the best thing I could have done - while I'm definitely nowhere near as good as all of the bloggers I love and admire, at least now I'm having a stab at creating stuff in my own way and putting my ideas into action.

4) Blogging has made me happier

I think a huge part of it is down to writing my "10 favourites this week" posts on a Monday - they really get me thinking about all the things that make me smile and how lucky I am. I think they've made me feel a bit more grateful in the moment, which is always a good thing. But I'm also really enjoying learning new skills - blogging is a bit of a minefield for a technophobe like me, and I'm always having to teach myself new stuff to keep up.

5) It's seriously addictive

I really wasn't expecting this one to be honest - like I said, I thought having a blog would be a bit of a flash in the pan hobby for me and that I'd be bored within 2 months, but the total opposite has happened. Nobody warned me how addictive it is - I must check my Wordpress dashboard as many times as I check Instagram now and I'm constantly thinking about ways to improve my site or about content that I want to create. Even my boyfriend has got into the habit of saying "you could write about this on your blog!". Safe to say I'm obsessed.